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Seller acquisition and customized feedbacks are the two important pillars in the business of online selling. Amazon, one of the biggest names amongst E-commerce giants, partnered up with TopHawks, and through its Vendor Activation Program, is intended to expand its reach in small cities by driving seller acquisition with the help of on-field, E-Commerce Specialists


  • Planning & targeting small cities with no presence of Amazon.
  • Hiring & training on-field sales force or e-commerce specialists.
  • Handholding the sellers right through training until order completion.
  • Collecting feedback from sellers on-boarded to improve existing procedures


A four-fold strategy was followed to fulfill the client’s demands, which are, as follows:

  •  Shortlisting field force through cold calling to gauge interest levels & requirements in each city.
  •  Conducting training sessions all over the country through web conferences and seminars to make E-commerce specialists familiar with the process of online selling.
  •  Hiring team leaders with e-commerce background in different states so as to speed up the process of conversion, with simultaneous reporting on a weekly basis.
  •  Scheduling appointments with sellers. Most of the sellers being a bit hesitant about selling their products on Amazon landed in multiple interactions with supervisors, resulting in the collection of more reliable and accurate feedback.

Outcome :

milestones achieved during the project are:

  • Sellers on-boarded in 21 cities which earlier had no E-commerce marketplace.
  • No compromise in seller quality resulting in the competitive advantage for both the client & the seller.
  • The client got proper feedback about all the layers of their business strategy.

Visible changes were implemented in below-mentioned sectors :

  1.  Seller on-boarding process
  2.  Payment & feedback process
  3.  The project still going on with an aim to cover 300 cities in the upcoming 2 years.