pop coins case study

MyPopCoins is one of the most innovative & revolutionary cash-back services introduced in India, which aims to redefine the conventional shopping experience, through a two-pronged approach.

It allows customers to earn, every time they shop and simultaneously provides a platform for retailers to hold on to their existing customers while adding new ones. With its disruptive approach, MyPopCoins aims to compete with the E-commerce giants. No more waiting for the delivery of products, when you can get transparent & instant cash-back on MRP.


The company aimed to gain more market share, by onboarding more retailers & customers, by providing its loyalty benefit across the following five categories:

Food & Beverages | Fashion & Accessories | Beauty & Wellness | Gifts & Entertainment | Services

They approached Tophawks for their flagship sales force outsourcing services.


A team of five people engaged in non-conventional BTL activities to onboard more shopaholics on the MyPopCoins app. It ensured a personal, one-to-one interaction with the consumer, and a better ROI for the client.

To leverage the outcome of BTL advertising, a separate team executed a retail activation program. It was strategized to onboard more retailers across the five categories through brand activation & direct-response activation.

  • Through Track-n-Train, TopHawks ensured daily tracking & reporting of both teams, while ensuring beat plan compliance& generation of customized reports, basis client specific requirements.


  • Increased consumer action through brand interaction
  • The long-term emotional connection between the brand & the consumer
  • Deliverables in numbers