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Limited Audience Engagement
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Inconsistent Foot Traffic
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Logistics Challenges
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Permit & Compliance Issues

Benefits of Our Offerings

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Ease of Assembly

Our Mall Activations require installation setups that can be placed without any drilling or carpentry. We set up a fully customized drop & fix kits for the rapid execution of your campaigns.

Lightweight & Portable Set up

Lightweight & Portable set up

Our mall activation installations are exceptionally minimal in weight. They come in compact and robust packaging and are lightweight. These setups ensure easy transportation and reusability.

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Experiential mall activations

Our team designs custom campaigns as per your Product target market. This includes 3D Holographs, Photo Booths, 3D Models, Kids Games, Dance Master, Rotoscope, Immersive room, Experience centers, and much more.

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Extensive Mall Network

We have established strong partnerships and collaborations with various malls across different locations. Our activations to specific mall demographics, maximize your brand’s reach and exposure.

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