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Get to know your customers, your staff at stores, your competition, and everything that matters at retail or customer touchpoints.

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Mystery Audits to Measure Customer Experience, Retail Operations Compliance & Inventory

Mystery shopping meaning at the helm of it is pretty simple. It’s the process of employing an auditor to visit target stores or customer touchpoints incognito. He poses as a casual shopper to gather key information about the quality of goods and services.

Our mystery audits enable you to precisely measure your customers’ experience. Be it at your retail stores, service locations, or customer touchpoints.

In Retail Audits, we help you measure compliance to policies and SOPs. Stock Audit services help you measure and reconcile inventory with your records. All our audits are driven by in house technology to ensure the accuracy and reliability of data collection. Our highly experienced and trained secret shoppers and auditors help find deep insights to help you improve your business.

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Why Tophawks as your Mystery Shopping Company?

  • Vast geographical coverage: We have a huge database of 100,000 shoppers, freelancers, and auditors in every remote location. Each month, we conduct 5000+ audits with shoppers in more than 200 cities and towns in the Pan India region.
  • 100 percent completion rate: Many companies claim a completion rate of 100 percent, but at TopHawks, we never break our promises. Our promised completion rate is 100 percent — no exceptions, no excuses.
  • Detailed surveys: The structure of TopHawk’s audit report includes every minute metric required for detailed experience analysis. Audits get subjective because of probing through a series of generic and potentially subjective questions. At TopHawks, our behavior-based audit enables our clients to pinpoint the very attributes. These behaviors prove to drive customer delight through effective selling techniques.
  • Extensive Training for Audits do’s and don’ts: Our network of freelance shoppers spans every Socioeconomic classification. It’s a team of full-time; highly-trained auditors at target locations. The right fits get chosen and trained, tested, and certified on a specific program. Through extensive training modules, we ensure our shoppers will know exactly what to look and listen for. All of your employees and locations are evaluated objectively, consistently, and accurately.
  • Direct one-on-one management of shoppers: Many companies sub-contract the shop scheduling process and even the quality editing process. This use of mystery shop support services results in poor quality management. Our dedicated staff of in-house schedulers and editors speak one-on-one with our shoppers every day. This ensures that the shoppers fully understand requirements and receive continual coaching. This recognition helps us to better produce actionable feedback for you.
  • Highly engaged, top-performing  Shoppers: We understand that our auditors too are our stakeholders and very valuable to our company. Our mystery shopping tasks & jobs make them feel like they are a part of our corporate culture. Through consistent direct contact, we instill in them a high level of personal accountability and pride that their feedback is important. We are popular among our registered auditors as a firm that pays quickly and aptly to keep them motivated.
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Mystery Shopping Research Method

  • Our programs let you understand exactly what customer delight-driving behaviors look and sound like
  • Retail audit services ensure retail network investments in fixtures, furniture & signage, demo units and branded displays are properly maintained
  • Stock audit services provide accurate and reliable stock and inventory measurement in the supply chain to ensure correct accounting, maintain freshness and quality and minimize shrinkage through loss or theft
  • Align company-wide focus on improving the customer’s experiences, resulting in higher sales through an increased number of customer visits
  • Discover if customers are receiving consistently superior customer service at every location and customer touchpoint
  • Identify gaps in training
  • Improve suggestive selling and provide customers the information they want, resulting in an increased number of items purchased per customer visit
  •  Ensure compliance with legal requirements to maintain a positive brand image and avoid legal issues
  •  And much, much more

No matter what your objectives, we will partner with you to develop a program that will provide actionable results using state-of-the-art market research technologies and proven mystery shop methodologies.

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Things that make us the Top Mystery Shopping Company in India

hiring field resources

Expertise through Experience

We have worked with Fortune 500 companies for their mystery shopping initiatives and have evolved our processes and designs to perfect our client’s experience.

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Customisable Tech Solution

Through our Technological platform TracknTrain, we ensure proper checks at all the process points are present, with in depth analysis and data reports at your dashboards

Tophawks has a wide network of mystery shoppers in India

Wide Network of Shoppers

We have a large network of 75000 freelance mystery shoppers spanning every Socio-Economic Classification and geography in India, and a team of full-time; highly-trained auditors.

Data Collection Methodologies in sales reports

Quality Metrics

With our automated training and certification processes, we ensure top quality shoppers only are deployed on projects, and verify each response received for accuracy and insightfulness by measuring the quality before reporting to clients.


In a customer experience audit program, Factors like store ambiance, staff courteousness, communication skills, facilities and infrastructure, the billing process, and other aspects of customer service are paramount.

Our customer experience management audit process objectively gauges the end customer’s experience by simulating a customer visit by an auditor to your end customer touchpoint.
Mystery Auditors who are an exact fit to the profile of your target audience visit locations secretly.
They tap the key parameters of their experience on dozens of objective and subjective parameters to conduct customer experience audit.
We are one of the top customer audit companies in India having done more than 300 audits for our clients.
With our In house technological expertise, we collect the data in a real-time, reliable, transparent, and media-rich way.
A weighted average indexing process then translates these measures into an index that you can use to objectively evaluate the quality of audits at your locations.
Measurements and insights are reported at a location level, and can also be aggregated at any level of organizational structure or geography.
The detailed analysis in reports provides a customer’s view of their experience.
Majorly a Brand wants to get Price check audits for two motives –
a) Measuring pricing variations, standards of own products to drive pricing discipline
b) Measuring the pricing of competitors to create pricing strategies and schemes and offers.
Bringing price discipline in the sales channel is critical for avoiding customer dissatisfaction and confusion, discouraging price-hunting shopping behavior, and for maintaining the company’s financial interest.
TopHawks conducts what is called Price Checks, or SRP (Suggested Retail Price) audits or MOP (Market Operating Price) audits in which a customer attempts to purchase a product at the best possible negotiated price.
If the price offered violates a brand’s pricing guidelines, brands can use various incentives/penalties methods to bring partners back in compliance.
A similar process can also be deployed for competitor products to discover their pricing strategies and promotional schemes and offers.

The experience of interaction with staff in an end customer touchpoint, be it a store or a restaurant is the biggest factor of a customer’s overall experience.

A good team member can maximize interaction and conversion and lead to an increment in sales, whereas a poor quality person can do the opposite.

Tophawks as a Store Staff Audit company in India evaluates numerous aspects such as grooming, personal hygiene, communication skills, selling skills, product knowledge, and demonstration skills. Products and services like troubleshooting, negotiating and closing skills to identify training needs, evaluate training impact, or to assess if the right set of people are deployed.

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