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Sales Outsourcing

How do product-oriented companies handle sales force management challenges – Hiring, training, and managing sales productivity?

Outsource it, it’s simpler!

  • Managed Sales Team
  • In Store Promoters
  • Retail & Distribution Channel Expansion
  • Vendor Partner Outreach
  • Shared Sales Manpower

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Why Tophawks as your sales outsourcing company in India?

hiring field resources

Hiring Field Resources

Tophawks field hiring team has a presence in 32 cities across the country. Our database of 75000 salespeople enables us to onboard perfect fit sales staff. Sales service templates help to select the best-dedicated team.

Outsourced sales team getting training through automation

Training Automation

The training process is made fun to be in with carefully drafted content for holistic training of sales resources. Online evaluations ensure sales staff are deployed only once they qualify. Regular updates are floated across the team for long-term learning and improvement.

Data Collection Methodologies in sales reports

Reporting Automation

Our sales force automation technology enables us to track in-depth metrics. Real-time locations, lead funnel, closed deals, secondary and tertiary sales network management. Every metric and insight in the program gets displayed right on the dashboard of clients.

sales automation

Sales Force Automation

Tophawks’s field marketing strategies are designed to result in high productivity and low attrition. Working with some of the world’s leading sales outsourcing companies in India, Tophawks has developed tried and tested processes for various aspects of field sales such as B2B Outsourcing, customer interaction steps, efficient beat planning, etc.

Sales and Marketing Outsourcing Companies in India

Tophawks is one of India’s pioneering outsourcing companies in India.
Our preset processes and market experts ensure 100% compliance. In sales and marketing program management, our outsourcing sales solution automates the sales process at the smallest level. More than 200 checkpoints are evaluated to improve employee efficiency and sales growth.

We have HRBPs in all the major regions of the country. This simplifies and perfects field force hiring for our clients. The database of 75,000+ sales candidates ensures an exact fit during onboarding. A rigorous, technologically advanced training program imparts the highest level of field force training.

We make the training and evaluation process continuous and not a one-time activity. Our sales force outsourcing automation software helps us provide a customized solution. It enables us to deliver the highest ROI sales and marketing programs in the industry.

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Value Proposition for Outsourced Sales Teams

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Face-to-face marketing

We have developed an exhaustive results-driven sales activity framework. It has proven to be the most cost-effective channel in the marketing mix. Our field reps receive ongoing support and product coaching.

Direct sales of products and services

We provide outsourcing services for blue-chip companies. We take pride in generating millions of dollars annually for them. Our sales outsourcing service allows businesses to speak directly to potential customers. It can be at their homes, workplaces, in stores, private sites, or public venues.

Customer acquisition

We specialize in customer acquisition across major industry sectors. We have deployed more than 14,500 field representatives in 246 cities for more than 500 clients in 8 years.

We are the fastest-growing and most successful sales outsourcing company in India.

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