BTL Activation for NOKIA

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Nokia btl promotional event games

The Core Idea:

  • Nokia Nostalgia Mobile Games will be played with consumers, where TG will choose an opponent and challenge him to play the game.
  • To showcase the entire range of Mobile phones and conduct a live demo which highlights the features of the phone
  • Minute to Win It games will be played to attract TG

a.Hula Hoop ring competition ( 3-4 people play against each other who so ever win, will be rewarded )

b.Get clicked with smartphone

c.Finding logo using VR device ( TG has to find the logo of the brand near the setup in a given time if they find all, then they will be rewarded )

d.Cube Balancing

e.Ball Balancing ( Consumer will balance the ball which is on the board )


btl promotions activity in colleges


btl promotions activity in markets


BTL activity for Nokia in societies


About the Activity

  • Nokia branded Vans were set up in colleges & Societies.
  • Vans were equipped with a fun zone relevant to Digital where the TG can play games and wins were gratified with discount vouchers.
  • The pictures clicked were uploaded to the Nokia Facebook page for social media engagement. The supervisor clicked the photos and it was uploaded by tagging the respective person with the hashtag.
  • Promoters provided necessary information & Emcee interacted with TG & played interactive games to create an immersive experience.

Design Execution

  • The range was highlighted through creative 3D designs at the demo zone.
  • The handset displays were made attractive, well-lit, and placed at the centre for customer attention.
  • The 3D designs were purposely installed to enthral the TG  & then amaze them with details of the support/ add-ons that a TG can get. The entire range is to be stationed at the section and a set of manpower to approach the TG to draw their attention to conduct a demo.
  • Minute to Win It games will be played to attract TG.

Manpower per Demo Van:

  • If the customer shows interest in the demo, Promoter #1 then informs Promoter #3.
  • Promoter #3 will engage with the consumer to do a detailed demo.
  • Promoters will also engage the consumer to play some minute to win it games.
  • He will document the TG details in the reporting formats and offer the consumer to visit the store for exclusive deals only for the day.
  • Promoters will also talk about the offer that is going on at the stores which the TG can avail of if they make purchases at the store.
  • 3 Promoter (Promoter #1, 2 & 3) – To initiate the conversation with the TG & tell them about the Nokia range, and the product experience.
  • 1 supervisor per Van.
  • 1 Anchor – Anchor will frequently announce the Activity.
  • Promoters #1 and #2 will approach the TG and talk about Nokia smartphones & entice them to the demo.
BTL promotions branded van

Our Engagement Activity

Experiential Concept I

  • Engage the consumers using Virtual reality Devices.
  • The consumer will be taken for the journey Inside Smartphones and Manufacturing, where the power of the handset is shown to the TG.
  • The Virtual video will generate realistic images, sounds, and other sensations that replicate a real environment (or create an imaginary setting) and simulate a consumer’s physical presence in this inside a mobile environment.

Experiential Concept II 

  • The consumer can take a virtual selfie with famous places of the particular region in the backdrop.
  • The Virtual Selfie will generate realistic images of famous places that replicate a real environment (or create an imaginary setting) and simulate a consumer’s physical presence at the place.
  • TG to post that selfie on social media handles with the Hashtag to participate in the contest.