TopHawks focusses on advancing your brand by best marketing efforts. We are one of the top RWA branding and society gate branding companies in India having succesfully deployed ads at more than 1000 locations across India.

Transform Your Brand!

We help advertisers and brand promoters across all the industries to connect with the residential societies. Through RWA branding and activation, advertisers get the maximum viewership for their products and services within the desired marketplace. RWA activation prepares a platform in a philistine environment which directly targets the potential customers in the market, suitably in which they are most comfortable.

RWA activation helps brands in social and economic targeting on customers in the most effective way. Residents living in the same residential accommodations, share the same economic background enabling advertisers to target specifically. Brand activation in residential societies helps in a strong brand recall. The industrial branding is best for engaging the target group of potential customers like within a family, where all members can be active participants in the events held by the RWA. In recent past, the co-operative housing societies have grown in number tremendously, which has become the ground for effective RWA branding. This way of promotions and advertisements provide a broad scope to the businesses for expanding their customer reach. Being the initial source of communication with the customers, it makes us within reach of brand promotion activities. This form for advertisements provides a direct link with the customers to build and maintain relations for future businesses.

The RWA branding Activities are completely based on promoting the business in a small or large community through programs and innovative marketing strategies. Society activation offers a platform to get to your target audience directly and in a pragmatic environment that they are comfortable in. The society activation is perfect for engaging an entire family or just targeted group of customers within a family. With the increase in the sizes of the co-operative housing societies, the society activation has become a wide forum for promoting your brand or launches. Being an ideal option for allowing direct interactions between you and your consumer, society brand activation brings your product or brand to the end user.

Activation Solutions are a one-stop answer to all your promotion queries. With the pool of best designers and professional project managers, we ensure to give you a worthwhile activation experience. So, if you are planning to carry on RWA branding or brand promotion activities within societies, then Tophawks activation kits are the perfect pick for you!

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The society activation kits are skilfully made to cater to both outdoor and indoor requirements. So, if you are promoting your brand or launching a new product through society activation, then these activation kits are helpful for surpassing the all-weather needs.

Society activation also calls for uneven grounds or unstable platforms, at times. So, the availability of platform setup ensures to provide steadiness. Choose from the honeycomb platform that makes sure to give a stable foot to the activation kit.

The creatively made activation kits offer dust-free and weather-proof features. These activation kits are also UV resistant and can sustain all-weather conditions.

The society brand activation kits can also be complemented with additional accessories like flags and tents. These activation add-ons can be placed outside and inside the societies, which offers additional brand awareness during the society activation.