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What is Look Walker Advertising?

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Look walker advertising is an innovative and eye-catching form of outdoor marketing where individuals, often referred to as look walkers or human billboards. These displays typically feature vibrant and attention-grabbing visuals, such as brand logos, messages, or product images, allowing advertisers to effectively reach and engage with their target audience. It offers a unique and interactive approach to promotion, capturing the attention of passers-by, creating brand awareness, and delivering targeted marketing messages in a dynamic

TopHawks Offering for Look Walker Advertising

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Tophawks helps you promote your business to the masses. We are an innovative & professional marketing company. In this kind of advertisement, the person carries a Lookwalker billboard on his back and moves into the market. Our main focus is always on providing you with the finest quality service which will help you meet your targets and satisfaction levels.


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Look Walker Manufacturers

We provide look walker advertising services all over India. We have 13 warehouses and a team presence in 32 cities across India, allowing us to provide clients with seamless look walker execution. Look walkers are available for daily rental in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and all other locations where we have ongoing campaigns.
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Look walker Branding

We provide Professional services for Product Launches, Activations, Sales Promotions, Movie Promotions, Buzz Marketing, Roadshows, etc. With our Inhouse app, TracknTrain, clients can track Lead generation, Real-time locations, and KPIs of resources deployed. Our expert team will assist you to formulate proper plans for your needs and in execution.
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Look Walker Advertising

Lookwalkers is a mobile advertisement format where a person carries a Look walker board (back-lit or non-back-lit) on his back and then moves in the market. This has proven to be the most cost-effective method of look walker branding having registered the highest recall rate. The range of look walker prices and activity makes it feasible for startups and MNCs alike.

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Look Walkers can be used at the time of Store launching, Product launching, Sales promotion, Special promotions, Roadshows, Movie promotions, Buzz marketing, Sampling, Expos, etc
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We provide Quality tested and ready to use product. Best SMD illuminated, eco-friendly 5-hour battery backup, Comfortable and fatigue-less carrying bag, 360-degree viewing techniques and loads more!
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Our hoardings reach 8 feet tall and have high visibility from all angles. Back-lit units are perfect for night campaigns.Short lead time in getting to a campaign, runs creative and can be easily changed on-site.

Why Tophawks for look walker advertising?

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Dynamic Solutions

TopHawks is a pioneer in introducing this captivating advertising form to distinctive clients.We work closely with you to deliver results that align with your brand identity.
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Expertise and Experience

We have a bevvy of trained and professional Look walkers who walk in malls, marketplaces, high streets, etc; wearing backlit billboards to facilitate high-density exposure of clients’ ads.
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Portable & Eco-friendly

The glowing boards worn by our look walkers are easily carryable, lightweight backpacks which are LED illuminated. These backpacks do not cause climate heating and are eco-friendly and pollution-free.
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Wide Reach

Our look walker’s size could be up to 8 feet high. This is so they remain highly visible from virtually any angle in the crowd and facilitate 360-degree viewing of clients’ ad messages.e high-density exposure of clients’ ads.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Where can we use Look Walkers?

TopHawks can customize various types of paper cups, including hot beverage cups, cold beverage cups, ice cream cups, snack cups, and more. We offer a range of cup sizes and styles to suit your specific marketing needs.
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What are the Technical Specifications of Look Walkers?

  • Best SMD illuminated, does not cause climate heating as LED does, and hence is eco-friendly. 5-hour battery backup comes with a charger and flashlights.
  • Comfortable and fatigue-less carrying bag providing comfort while carrying. Highly visible from virtually any angle in the crowd which facilitates 360-degree viewing of the clients’ and messages.
  • It led look walker are light in weight that are carried on human shoulders. It has the highest recall rate of the brand for your target audience.
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How can our organization be benefits with the Look Walkers?

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