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What is Visual Merchandising?

  • Visual merchandise in a simple sense is displaying the brand and product in such a way that effectively attracts consumers from the targeted markets. This facilitates improved brand recall and impulse buying.

  • Our creative designer teams and partners bring a wide array of ideas for artwork, window displays, and kits. These ideas help you communicate your brand to your target audience.

  • Our production partners provide top-notch production capabilities for a range of PoSM elements to meet all our client’s requirements.

  • Our integrated supply chain management and warehousing processes ensure the timely delivery of the right PoSM at the right location.

  • We provide end-to-end services to brands for fast and on-time execution with in-store space identification, hiring, measurement, creative designing, printing, and deployment services.

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Why Tophawks as your visual merchandising agency?

  • TopHawks is the leading retail visual merchandising service provider in India with a coverage rate of 30,000 stores every month.

  • Highly trained and experienced merchandiser teams are fully equipped to cater to the specific needs and requirements of clients for increased sales.

  • Our in-house app drives the entire reporting process including photos, geolocation, timestamps, etc.

  • Retail businesses receive real-time, transparent, and reliable visibility into store-level execution.

  • We have 25 warehouses across India and the in-house asset management portal ensures complex asset management scenarios are handled easily.

  • Every element of visual merchandising makes your retail business and store layout visually appealing.

  • Portal functionalities are highly customizable and can be developed as per client requirements.

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Store Designing


PoSM Design & Production

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In Store Maintenance

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GSB Boards Installation


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In-Store Fixtures Maintenance

  • In-store fixture/asset recce hygiene & database creation helps brands produce updated fixtures, trans lights, and in-store branding with correct measurements.

  • Fixture design grabs customer attention at retail outlets. Designs should always relate to the product, brand image, and customer.

  • We have best-in-class designers with years of experience designing retail fixtures and SISs.

  • It is necessary to perform periodic maintenance on fixtures to ensure prolonged shelf life.

  • We assist brands with onsite maintenance of SIS fixtures, in-store fixtures, wall fixtures, wall panels, trans rights, and more.

  • Quality checks and status appraisals of fixture conditions at retail stores enable brands to check brand visibility and share.

  • Tophawks helps brands conduct different fixture audits including fixture availability audits, SIS status audits, and more.

GSB Boards Deployment

  • It’s imperative for a brand now to pay attention to Glow Sign Board (GSB) deployment in eye-catching spaces outside retail outlets to increase brand visibility and recall.

  • Tophawks helps its clients acquire those spaces via dealer enrollment.

  • We do pan-India GSB deployments with a TAT of 9 days in Top Towns and 20 days in remote locations.

  • Glow Sign Board (GSB) is usually deployed in open spaces where its look and feel are hampered by pollution, dust, adverse weather, etc. As we are well aware, its cleanliness plays a significant role in improving customer walk-ins, brand perception, and dealer loyalty.

  • We assist brands with GSB hygiene and audits across the country. Deploying the right signage at the right location is vital for effective and efficient marketing.

  • We help brands deploy Non-Lit Boards (NLBs) in various markets across India. They are usually deployed in low-profile rural markets or markets having a low count of sales outlets.

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