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Brand Activation is a process of spreading brand awareness amongst your target consumers, through engagements and experiences.

Brand activation steps

A robust Brand Activation strategy needs to be comprehensive with the ideation, analysis & execution phase.

The steps to a thorough process involves:

Identifying the target Audience

It’s imperative to zero in on the segment of consumers who are highly likely to buy the product.
This requires careful profiling and segmentation of target customers.

Ideation Phase

Creating Strategy to connect the brand with the values it wants to be associated with. For example, McDonalds being a food related brand, majorly associated with youth, will adopt activation methods to target young population and execute youthful promotional campaigns.

Design Implementation

The activation kits will be fragmented keeping the strategy in mind. like for Mcdonalds campaign, Red & yellow colors would be used as these colors entice hunger.


Proper implementation strategies are put in place with defined timelines, roles & responsibilities and beat plans chalked out for efficient execution.


Analysis of feedback captured during brand activation at events play a major role in shaping the next campaigns for improved ROIs.

What is Brand Activation?

  • Brand Activation is a process of spreading brand awareness amongst your target consumers, through engagements and experiences.
  • Now, lets say you have produced the perfect product and are raring to hit the market, but there is no buzzword.
    No one knows about your product and it’s virtually dead in terms of consumer demand.
  • There you require activation techniques to create the buzz and get a brand recall and value created.

Prominent Activation Techniques

  • Experiential Marketing
  • Mall Activations
  • Corporate Activations
  • RWA Activations
  • Product Samplings


Experiential marketing is a growing trend which involves marketing a product or a service through experiences that engage the customers and create emotional attachment to the product/service.

The best example of such marketing is Carlsberg Campaign

Such campaigns create a powerful emotional connect with the consumers and massively improve brand recall.

Product Sampling is promotional technique used by almost all FMCG brands to get first hand feedback of the product from the target consumers. These brand promotions help a lot in understand favourable market demographics, product modifications and production strategy
In-store Activations are done in modern retail stores with deploying promoters to get insight from walk in consumers about the product, make them aware of the value proposition of product and get the brand recall value high with interactive sessions.