Paper Cup Advertising offers more one-on-one brand advertising exposure time than almost any other advertising medium known! Join Us today to transform your brand!



Extensive Brand Awareness

Want to advertise your brand to your target audience when they’re at leisure? You can expect quality time that would increase chances of attracting them to your offers. This attention will convert your adverts into actual sales!


Targeted Consumer Reach

At TopHawks, we put a lot of thought and brainstorm for hours to finalise masses who would consume beverages in the cups we distribute. We later go on to find tea vendors who can take your brand right into the hands of your prospective customers, helping you garner more attention.

Global Presence

Feedback & Campaign Report

Making informed decisions in today’s data-driven world is indispensable for any business. We realize the importance of actionable insights through feedback and take relevant feedback from people consuming beverages in our cups. We ask them about the product/service advertised, and counsel them into knowing how to avail the same.


We offer branded printed paper cups carrying the brand logo, service or product descriptions along with promotional offerings. With our In house app, Each and every step involved from production, distribution, gathering feedback to analysis and insights, we tech enable this form of paper cup advertising in India. But that is just one of the many things we do for you….

  • When approached by our clients, we dig deep into their needs by understanding their business and target audiences. We create a unique marketing strategy, keeping your business, dynamics, reach and target audiences in consideration. This helps us come up with targeted campaigns that are in complete sync with our marketing goals.
  • Your brand logo, service/product descriptions along with promotional offerings are packaged on the cup are designed to catch eyeballs. We distribute these cups to tea vendors for free, which makes our vendors more than happy to serve tea to their customers in our cups, at prime locations!
  • A recent study of 1500 tea/coffee consumers; where participating consumers were asked if they could recall what was on their teacup? This test took place after one hour of consumption and disposal.The study revealed that all participants could remember what ad they viewed in their printed cups.
  • A remarkable 98% could even remember what they read on it. Studies also show that People views more than 1,000 advertisements every day; with less than 3 to 6 seconds to capture attention.97% of all advertising unseen by the population.
  • With an annual traffic of over 13 million passengers, there’s no limit to where a brand can travel. Using in-flight paper cup advertising, a business can not only reach local passenger but can reach customers across borders too.

Brands make waves when the design catches the fancies of people, who discuss the brand and its offerings. Leveraging this opportunity well, our outdoor marketing team with help of our app collects their valuable feedback, and gauge their interest in your offer. This feedback, along with a thorough analysis of your target market gives you actionable insights and success rate of our marketing campaign.

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