field Foce automationAs a marketer, your main task is to engage with the customers and collect valuable customer information which shall help the business to understand the needs and wants of the customers and eventually develop a product or service in order to satisfy those needs and wants. For this, the marketer undertakes a lot of measures to gather information from the customers. Some businesses use sampling while others use the all-important market research and undertake market surveys.

But it is not just that. A marketer also has to focus on the business side. A lot of businesses have a field force for undertaking the sales function by going to prospective customers and demonstrating the product or service to them, sharing the features about the product or service and persuading them to buy. Having a field force gives the business an opportunity to directly enter the market from ground zero as a field force gives the advantage of having a wider market reach. Not just that, the field force is also able to gather direct valuable feedback from the customers, wholesalers and retailers which shall help the business to improve and make valuable modifications to the existing products and services being offered.

Traditionally the sales force was required to report to the head office every day to report the number of sales they did. In short, they had to physically submit a record of their entire workday. But with the technological advancements happening, it was only a matter of time that those advancements reach the field force sector. The technological changes led to the introduction of the Field Force Automation where the valuable field data about sales done by the field force is directly reported to the head office by communication over the wireless network or the use of PDA. The most important advantage is that Field force Automation saves a lot of valuable time for both the business and the employees. Employees can focus more on increasing the sales because their data is automatically updated without any physical visits and from the business’s perspective, Field Force Automation works wonders as it leads to the savings of costs by not employing an employee to physically record all the entries. Automatic updates also guarantee that the business does not have to face the fear of having any duplicate or incorrect entry which shall hamper the calculation of profits.  Therefore Field Force Automation works well for both the employees and the business.

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