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Experiential Marketing | Mall Activations | Corporate Activation | Product Sampling | In-store Activations

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What is brand activation and how it helps your marketing campaign?

In this competitive world, a brand cannot just rely on providing an excellent product or service.

It doesn’t matter if you have an excellent product or service to offer until and unless you build your brand enough to ring bells.

Building your brand involves developing a strong connection with customers. Letting customers know everything they need to know about your company and product is the only way to achieve it.

That’s where brand activation comes into play.

Brand activation focuses on making your brand the face of a particular type of product.

For example, if you wish to eat chips you will picture ‘LAYS’ in your mind.

That’s what effective brand activation does.

‘LAYS’ has become a representation of chips.

Brand activation has so intertwined the two that they can’t be thought of as two different entities.

Brand activation can help you ace the competition, leaving your competitors behind.

Brand Activation is a process of spreading brand awareness amongst your target consumers, through engagements and experiences.

Brand activation steps

A robust Brand Activation strategy needs to be comprehensive with the ideation, analysis & execution phase.

The steps to a thorough process involve:

Identifying the target Audience

It’s imperative to zero in on the segment of consumers who are highly likely to buy the product.
This requires careful profiling and segmentation of target customers.

Ideation Phase

Developing a strategy to connect the brand with the values with which it wishes to be associated. McDonald’s, for example, is primarily associated with youth and employs activation methods to attract and execute youthful promotion campaigns.

Brand activation process
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Design Implementation

The activation kits will be fragmented keeping the strategy in mind. like for Mcdonalds’ campaign, Red & yellow colours would be used as these colours entice hunger.


Proper implementation strategies are put in place with defined timelines, roles & responsibilities and beat plans chalked out for efficient execution.


Analysis of feedback captured during brand activation at events play a major role in shaping the next campaigns for improved ROIs.

What is Brand Activation?

  • Brand activation is a process of spreading brand awareness among your target consumers, through engagements and experiences.

  • Now, let’s say you have produced the perfect product and are raring to hit the market, but there is no buzzword.
    No one knows about your product and it’s virtually dead in consumer demand.

  • You need activation techniques to create buzz and create brand recall and value.

Prominent Activation Techniques

What is a brand activation agency?

Brand activation companies are experts at brand activation. They design, manage, and produce the strategies you need to form long-lasting and deeper connections with your audience. They can make a huge difference as they have the expertise and resources you might not have to activate your brand. But hiring the right brand activation agency is a task in itself, and you have to choose the right one. Even after hiring the agency, you need to keep checking to see if everything is being worked on as per your expectations or not.

What to look for in a brand activation agency?

  • Communication: Ensure that the agency communicates transparently. A successful branding agency welcomes your queries and concerns. Communication becomes effective when a fine balance is maintained between talking and listening. If the agency is proficient in both, only then should you consider it as an option. Thus, you need to check if the agency has quick, reliable and effective communication skills or not.

  • Reliability: Stay alert and avoid agencies that are “all show and no go”. Ensure that the agency is reliable and trustworthy. Every small detail must be taken care of like

    • Whether the employees of the agency are punctual.

    • Does the agency fulfil its promises? Etc.

  • Client List: Examining an agency’s client list will help you analyse its experience in the field. You can ask for reviews, testimonials and case studies from their past clients. If they can’t give you any, this will be an alarming sign that they lack experience and expertise. You can also ask about their longest active clients etc. Further, if they give you some names of their clients you may contact them and find out how their experience with the agency was. Only after reading about other clients’ experiences should you hire a particular agency for activating your brand.

  • The record of results: The prime motive behind hiring an agency is to achieve positive results. If the agency is unable to produce effective results, then there’s no point in hiring it. Check if the agency has enough experience to meet your requirements


Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is a growing trend that involves marketing a product or service through experiences that engage customers and create emotional attachments to the product or service.

Mall Activations

Mall Activations

Tophawks specialises in organising mall activation events, both the traditional way ( with Anchors, FOS, and engagement activities) to experiential kiosks placements with concept promotions

Corporate Activations

Corporate Activations

For Brands with the corporate sector as their prime target segment, Corporate activation events prove to be a great promotional campaign.

Society Activations

Society Activations

Society Activations are brand activation methods having their focus on people ling in RWA’s and societies. FMCG brands and family-centric brands focus a lot on this strategy.

Product Sampling

Product Sampling

Product Sampling is a promotional technique used by almost all FMCG brands to get first-hand feedback on the product from the target consumers. These brand promotions help a lot in understanding favourable market demographics, product modifications and production strategy

In-store Promotions & Activations

In-store Promotions & Activations

In-store Activations are done in modern retail stores by deploying promoters to get insight from walk-in consumers about the product, make them aware of the value proposition of the product and get the brand recall value high with interactive sessions.

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