Mall activation is a medium wherein the consumer gets to build brand affinity with the product and company.

Why Tophawks?

    • TopHawks is a pioneer in introducing this captivating advertising form of BTL promotional activities and activation at shopping malls to the distinctive clients of various notable regions in India.
    • Tophawks Mall Activation Solutions are specially designed to cater to the specific needs and requirements of the clients.
    • We strive our best to deliver the best-in-class Mall Activation solutions for your brand promotion.
  • Being a market leader in providing best-in-class solutions for Mall activation, Tophawks has successfully catered to many renowned brands worldwide.

Our Objectives

    • BTL promotional activities and activation at shopping malls presents a forum to showcase your brand and products from the perspective of the client.
    • A whopping 75% of shoppers in a mall can prove to be your target audience if the brands consider catering to them.
    • Get your brand right into the minds of your target customers through effective shopping mall promotional activities.
  • So, in order to grasp the attention of these clients, you need to have an effective Mall activation that is viable and builds a strong brand image. We are an Innovative & professional marketing company.


The following mall activation rules and regulations are general in nature and are subject to changes as per mall’s specific regulations:

Prior booking of the mall activation space is mandatory.

Some malls may increase the rate of the centre court booking during peak hours and festive season. So, the mall activation budget may fluctuate accordingly.

Installation time: Before 11 am

Dismantling time: Post 8 pm

The height of the mall activations kit should not be more than 8 feet.

Certain malls may allow the height of up to 10 feet.

Fabrication of the mall activations kit is not allowed as per mall rules. Use of carpet and floorings is compulsory.

Additional security can be arranged at an extra cost for your mall promotion or mall activation.