Top Hawk Differentiator

Philosophy of Business

The value proposition of our business is the enhancement of our client’s processes, sales numbers, and operations. All our functionalities and services revolve around bringing perfection to the two most important Pillars of any business, Sales & Marketing.

At TopHawks, we believe in being ethical, result-driven, and immensely detail-oriented and share an unshakeable commitment to the work we perform and the partnerships we develop.

At TopHawks, we don’t make promises we cannot keep, we work hard and long, we respond quickly, and we develop strong and enduring relationships with our clients.

See The Difference

  • Exceeding clients’ expectations: TopHawk’s average CSS (Client satisfaction score) across all the projects is 4.7/5. Our mystery audit error rate is close to non-existent and our completion rate is 100%. Guaranteed.
  • Operators: We are well aware of the minutest issues that arise in a field scenario and hence, work towards eliminating such issues. And more often than not, these improvements prove to be the X factor in terms of sales deliverables and employee satisfaction. We’re driven by a true sales passion and consider achieving results as a means and way of life.


As one of the biggest mystery shopping and sales force outsourcing companies in India, TopHawk’s leadership role in creating & shaping the sales enabler services landscape as it exists today is immense. We are now much more than a mystery shopping company. We strive to be thought leaders in the customer experience research industry and serve as valuable consultants to India’s most innovative and customer-focused companies.

Creating a Difference

  • Bringing SAAS automation in Sales processes and Order Management. Revolutionizing the way companies view Primary, Secondary & Tertiary sales.
  • BTL campaigns run in the way they should be in the 21st century.
  • Reports provide an extensive story-like narrative to frame the experience beyond numeric scoring.
  • Continuous development in sales research, analytics, technology, and integrated customer feedback programs


TopHawk is always ahead of the curve when it comes to technology development and passing those innovations along to our clients. We are committed to our leadership position in the industry and to remaining on the cutting edge of technological advances. For example,

  • Our In house Proprietary app, TracknTrain offers completely customizable need basis solutions for process automation. Be it Inventory Management, Order Management, Real-time location tracking of field resources or mystery shoppers, reporting, and insights, everything related to employee efficiency can be achieved through our app.
  • Our field representatives upload digital photos to support information in their reports
  • Our localization program allows clients to order customized mystery shops with self-selected survey questions and scenarios for individual locations

Quality Field Representatives

We understand that our field representatives (mystery shoppers, auditors, and exit interviewers) are also our clients and very valuable to our company. The TopHawk Training programs train and certify every representative. Our field force exceeds 400, and we have many more applicants waiting in the wings. We have coverage in over 232 cities. Ask a mystery shopper which company’s shops are most desirable, and you’ll likely hear “TopHawks” as the answer!


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