exhibition support services

Exhibition Support Services

Tophawk’s exhibition support system is portable, modular, and most importantly re-usable for some time. These exhibition support services provide good benefits to the organisation like saving time and hassle for execution, also keep a check on important marketing costs. The exhibition support services are focused at capitalisation of rate of return and freeing the business of stress. We work openly with the customers to guarantee modern, cost-efficient solutions on problems faced by the organisation.

Making us your exhibition services partner can scale new heights to the business, increasing rate of return and profitability. The professional team studies fundamental material and basic constituents thoroughly before utilising them for production of the desired product or service. The 3d exhibition stalls design and fabrication are used for graphic reprinting as it features interchangeable graphics. It is also used in many different products like warehousing, logistics, flooring rentals etc.

The competitive intelligence analysis of the roadshow marketing proves that a business has limited time to convince the potential customer to invest in their business. This decision is impromptly made within a few minutes of the roadshow marketing. This technique of research and analysis is expensive with all the advertisements, publications, travel expense etc. Thus, for a successful support services expedition, quality of the presentation is of utmost importance.

Tophawks modular and portable exhibition stands are reusable for a calendar of events. These exhibition stands save time, lessen the execution hassles and keep a check on vital marketing costs. As a single point of contact for display stands and exhibition stalls, Tophawks acts as an exclusive gateway for a host of exhibition services. Being one of the leading Indian exhibition services company, Tophawks encompasses a team of highly-skilled professionals. We at Tophawks believe in delivering the best possible results for you. The exhibition support services here are especially targeted to offer you a hassle-free exhibition experience. Our end-to-end exhibition support services ensure to cater to all your demands, requirements and needs.


Installation and Dismantling Services
At Tophawks, an experienced project management team headed by a project manager is always onsite to ensure appropriate installation and dismantling of your exhibition stand.

If you are looking for warehouses, then don’t worry. We can store your exhibition stand material for your next event .

We make sure to provide the entire logistics support for your exhibition stand, beginning from packaging to shipping and handover at the show venue anywhere across the world.

Spares and Repair Services
Our spares and repair after-sales services are one of the most prompt exhibition support services. Tophawks range of modular and portable exhibition stands is reusable

Graphic Reprinting
The reusable exhibition stands by Tophawks have interchangeable graphics. You can continue to use the same exhibition stand while only investing in graphics as per your exhibition requirements