What is Inside sales Outsourcing?


“Sales Outsourcing” is one of the most important terms related to the world of sales.

It is growing popular amongst organizations day by day.

Let us first get ourselves familiar with what is meant by “OUTSOURCING SALES”.

SALES OUTSOURCING : When a company outsources its sales, it uses third party services provided by outsourcing companies to promote its products and services. It is like having “pseudo” or “virtual” sales force for your company.

Sales outsourcing is an excellent way for companies to increase lead generation

and sales manifolds using trustworthy third party services.

Nowadays more and more companies are preferring to switch to it as

outsourcing sales bring many benefits to an organization.

By outsourcing your company’s sales you get to have a talented professional

the team from a third party, apt at managing and equipped with necessary tools to

increase your company’s sales.

Having sales outsourced will help your in house team members to focus on their

core expertise & responsibilities better while the rest is being taken care of by

the outsourcing experts.

Difference between In house Sales

Team & Outsourced Sales Team

In-house, sales refer to the conducting of activities and operations related to

sales by an organization’s employees.

The onus of entire management of the sales team, including charting out

strategies, planning Beat routes, KRA’s assignment, and fulfillment metrics lies

with the top echelons in the company.

Even then, a smooth flowing, high-performance sales cycle is not guaranteed as

the issues of right talent acquisition, training, attrition, sales performance,

market study demands its expertise and relevant tools.

While in outsourced sales the experts managing your company’s sales have

access to right-fit resources, tried and tested strategies, setup and right

technical ability to fast track the sales process and numbers.

Need Behind Sales Outsourcing:

Initially, companies used to deal all by themselves focussing on in house sales

but as time progressed and companies grew bigger and busier, they realized

that in house sales teams have a lot to deal with.

They have a lot of tasks to perform like contacting the customers, managing

accounts and client database, attending meetings, generating leads, etc.

Issues like finding the right fit candidatesRepeat trainings,

non uniformity in sales executives performancesProper guidance of on

ground staff with clearly defined timeline bound planscapturing

correct metrics and continously evolving strategies to strike the right

chord for sales process optimisation continously stare at company’s

top management.

Thus, came the solution to “SALES OUTSOURCING”.

As every business focuses on finding cost & time effective solutions, therefore

by switching on to sales outsourcing services, it can economically achieve the

desired sales targets by investing less money and time.

Moving forward, now we will discuss the benefits of getting sales outsourced :



Every successful person in this world knows the importance of utilizing time


Outsourcing sales help you to save your precious time and utilize it wherever

it is needed the most.

Thus, once you choose the right sales outsourcing company, you can focus on

other business-related issues that demand your attention.

Moreover, When an experienced lead generation company i.e the outsourcing

company will work for you, they will have a full team ready to serve you,

monitoring all your needs and creating the most effective lead generation plans

for you.

By this, we mean that as soon as you contact the outsourcing company, they

will begin working for you instantaneously.

While if you focus on expanding in house sales you will first have to hire and

train employees which consumes a lot of your precious time and if you

have to hire and train multiple employees, it consumes even more of your time.

Furthermore, even after putting all the time in training the new employees in

the best way possible, you never know if they will be able to stand by your

expectations or not.

Whereas, an outsourcing company will already provide you with experts in

the field of managing sales and that too within a fraction of seconds.


A Sales Outsourcing company has its entire business depends on its

outsourcing skills.

Thus, no wonder that these companies have experienced sales experts as their

employees who serve the clients using a set of methodologies and best

practices that can be followed.

You won’t deny, those things come handy when you have an expert to deal with


Due to this outsourcing sales is especially beneficial for startups.

Your startup could achieve milestones if it gets the partnership of these


Thus, if you are new to the world of business seek out help from these experts

by getting your sales outsourced and their expertise will help you seek out success.


You can benefit from outsourcing your sales to an outsourcing company,

centered at driving sales and increasing revenue.

Outsourcing Companies have perfect strategies to target potential customers

and thus help in establishing your brand as well as increasing your profits.

By partnering with a sales outsourcing company you can also maintain quality

customer services effectively and at a lower expense.

This leads to an enrichment of your customers’ experience and helps increase




Generally, outsourcing companies base the major part of their profit

commercials on success numbers.

Ensuring at each & every point, all the measures are taken to push the sales

numbers to the maximum.

Thus, the profit of the outsourcing company derives majorly depends on its


That’s why outsourcing companies continuously work forward towards

increasing your sales and revenue because that will, in turn, add profits to their

pockets as well.

It is just like paying incentives to employees for better performance.


The sales experts belonging to these outsourcing companies are an abode of

fresh ideas and perspectives about things, backed by their experiences with

different sales campaigns that they run and a close involvement with the market

data & trends.

Adding an outsourcing company’s sales employees sets up a benchmark of

excellence for your in house sales employees too and motivates them to work

harder and better.

Your employees can learn and emulate the thought process of these experts

and grow far better at conducting sales, closing deals and finding solutions to

problems they encounter while undertaking their journey as sales executives.


Be it any field of business, Sales data analytics has got a crucial role to play.

Sales Outsourcing companies have the right technical tools to gather the

correct information related to consumer behavior, trends and competitor’s

analysis to formulate the right GTM strategies for product/service.

Also, few advanced AI & Ml enabled Salesforce optimization platforms like

Track ‘n’ Train, provide you options to deploy more than 200 checkpoints

(Real-time location analysis, Battery chart management, lead/order management, etc.)

for your sales process, resulting in a drastic improvement in the performance

of the deployed sales team.

The reports & recommendations generated in the platform provides great

insights on every aspect of the stakeholders involved.

This can help you analyze and identify the most potential customer groups and

ways they are influenced by and many more things that matter to a successful

GTM plan.


Outsourcing sales can prove to be a boon for your company provided you consciously choose the right outsourcing company equipped with whatever is needed to satisfy your needs. Sales outsourcing as the above-mentioned benefits state will provide you more time to focus on other important things other than sales, which could help your business expand and flourish more.

Even after you outsource your sales you need to keep a constant check on whether the outsourcing team can meet the required goals or not. In all, sales outsourcing will lessen the burden on you as well as your company’s employees along with helping your company expand and grow more.

Do read about a few of the case studies to know about our modus operandi and value addition we bring to your processes in an outsourced sales environment.