mobile in store promoterThe main way through which a business can earn profits is through creating and communicating long term superior customer values by delivering the product which satisfies the needs and wants of a consumer at an affordable cost and at the right point of time.

The business can achieve this by increasing its sales which shall increase the revenue and eventually will increase the profits.  If the business can go for increasing the sales, then it can reap the advantages of having economies of scale which shall lead to a reduction in the costs and thereby will lead to an increase in the profits. In-store sales promoters play a pivotal role in such scenarios.

A business can produce a large variety of products covering a large domain. Some businesses produce products which require a personal demo or demonstration in order to make the customers aware of the product. While the business can also launch an entirely new line which needs to be shown to the customers in order to make them aware of the new range introduced by the business.

While with the arrival of supermarkets and departmental stores, it becomes very difficult for modern day businesses to make themselves visible on the shelves and increase their sales when compared to the competitor. The business may use promotional schemes like buy one and get one free but there is a good chance that it might not achieve the desired objective of increasing the sales of the business.

So the task of a marketer becomes extremely difficult. He /She has to constantly come up with ways in order to beat the competitor and increase its market share. The business, therefore, uses the concept of mobile in-store promoters jobs which simply means appointing a representative of the company to a departmental store or a supermarket whose main task is to make the customers aware about the product or service being offered by the business by offering a small sample for tasting or testing. This method also helps in increasing the reach but it also helps to gather immediate feedback from the customers. So, therefore, it becomes very useful for businesses to go for mobile in-store promoters.

One major area where in-store promoters needed is in the food sector where companies launching a new product appoint in-store promoters at various stores who offer tasting samples to the customers with the main aim of increasing the sales of the business. Though it is an expensive marketing method at the stage of introduction, it is the only method which works well for the company.

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