Mystery Shoppers

Why is conducting a Mystery Shopping experience perfect for my Brand?

Aware of Mystery Shopping?

The concept is much evident by the name itself.

Mystery Shopping is a hidden way of gathering information about the products through a mystery customer.

Such customers keep their identity disguised so as not to be known by the organization that is being evaluated.

This shopping tool is generally used by market research companies which are commonly known as ‘Watchdog Organizations’ to gather feedback and work on them as per requirement.

So where does it helps?

Mystery shopping is helpful in every way to both customers and business workers. Let’s check out some benefits of the customers – the actual kings.


1. Understanding Customer Experience:

There should be Coherence in the delivery of products and services; being the most important trick for any business.

Besides it, coherence makes the customers feel at ease and more familiar while shopping at a particular place.

Mystery shopping helps us evaluate even the tiniest factors and signals from the customers where they feel good and connected with the dealers.

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2. Brand Image:

Every brand wants to keep an image of quality and value.

An established brand consists of its essence of presentation and customer considerations.

Keep the customers their priority is the basis of their success.

Mystery shopping helps in identifying key metrics to build such a brand image where the consumers can quickly catch the feel-good factors through the provided products and services.

3. Evaluation of staff performance:

Consumers not only buy your products but your staff’s credibility too!

The dealing a customer receives every time he visits a brand – matters a lot.

To him, a one-on-one conversation with the team members (staff) about the products and its quality is necessary.

The buyer is a definite judge and tends to observe everything mystery shopping helps in the growth of the staff and their professionalism.

4. Customer’s review:

The feel-good factors are successful only if the customer’s review is counted as a necessity.

Here, a customer is king, and reaching his expectations is quite mandatory for a business to run.

Let’s say I am going to buy a watch worth rupees 10,000, then I will go for a top-class brand with the best of quality product provided.

For me, if the dealers are not enough dedicated or I found the products unappealing – they (sellers) will lose a prospective buyer.

Mystery shopping helps such sellers in keeping their sales maintained and simultaneously the customers, satisfied.

4. Informed decisions:

Mystery shopping is a very worthy and trendy tool for all brands and businesses.

To work for the betterment of your brand you need to know the areas to be operated upon.

It is through mystery shopping that you get to know the exact scenario of how your business is going on and how you want it to move further.

It makes you thoroughly informed about your brand and its customers.

To provide the customers with better services and products, you then take better decisions too!

5. Analyzing Competitors:

A brand needs to be very cautious about its competitors and its facilities’ benchmarks, pricing & USP.

To know about the customers and their wants – competition among the brands is healthy.

Thus, it never leaves the customers dull and not enough excited.

Mystery shopping helps you to know insights of the market’s competition and much more.

6. Measuring problems before they escalate:

A mystery shopper is very helpful as he provides all the required amounts of information, necessary for a brand to get enhanced.

This is quite beneficial as brand mechanics can improve the things which may become troublesome in the future.

Customers complaining should not reach the point of escalation.

Mystery shopping helps to acknowledge the problem then and there before it arises hugely.

7.  Making good customer service great:

Customers are the best promoters for any brand.

Their likes and dislikes flourish and flood in the crowd every second.

We all know that word of mouth plays a significant role in forwarding messages regarding any brand whether they like it or not.

The worst thing about this is that people will tell twice times their dislikes as their likes about a particular brand.

8. Overall Scrutiny:

Mystery shopping obliges with the total scrutiny of the brand.

A brand is a concoction of many ingredients, and each of them is important.

To attract great customers and better sales all the elements are necessary to prepare a brilliant dish.

Thus, this dish requires integrity, salesmanship, intuitiveness, price check, visuals, etc.;

A perfect deal to satisfy customers and their needs, thoroughly.

9. See your business the way the customer does:

No one can collect the perspective of any brand, as a mystery shopper does.

His work is to objectively evaluate and provide statements regarding employees’ behavior, problems, and conditions in the stores.

He has to get as much information as he can to help the brand specialists improve their arrangements and please the customers with their services.


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