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There are many organisations and companies which rely on consumer consumption and consumer behaviour audit for their business and profits.

For a good profitable business, the companies must have proper insights as to what are developing or trending interests of the consumer;

how much do they invest? Where do they buy goods from? When do they buy them? And how much do they buy?

These are all elementary information which a company must have.

The company should have knowledge about their consumer’s source of information related to their products and what is the process of investing the money.

The consumer and product’s insight information gives direction to these businesses to set foot in the knowledge about consumer behaviour audit and marketing.

We deal with four significant aspects of consumer research:

A. Consumer Behavior Research

It includes the study of consumer consumption pattern within a categorical range keeping in mind the price and preferred features.

What is consumer behaviour?

Consumer behavior deals with the study of organisations and consumer-driven businesses about their use of products and services along with their selection process. It concerns the scientific analysis of psychologybehavior, and motivations which urges consumers to buy a particular product.

Study of Consumer Behaviour

The study of consumer behaviour audit concerns the following:

  • The thought process of consumers and their feelings about certain brands or products and retailers and their services

  • The reasoning by which the consumers select one product over the other (alternate products)

  • The feelings of consumers while searching and exploring their desired products

  • The study of the influential environment while buying a product

  • The study to enhance the marketing campaigns to improve and influence the consumer

Well, this behaviour of consumers is affected by many different psychological, social and personal factors.

Top companies like Tophawks, collect information or rather the consumer behaviour audit data to analyse this information and convert it into productive profitability enhancements for the company.

Collecting Consumer Behavior information

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The companies gather information through many activities which concern consumers directly or indirectly.

Some of these processes are more cost-effective than others. Let’s have a look:

  1. Reading customer reviews can actually be very helpful for a company to get notified about its problems and areas for improvement.

  2. Exploring the question and answer sites, or having a Q&A forum on the website can tell the businesses about what questions do customers have in mind regarding the products or services.

  3. Online Surveys is a good way of asking questions directly to the customers and gather information about what they personally feel about the brand or its products.

  4. Focus Groups help the research teams to sit between the consumers and discussing the improvement needs of the market or what they desire as a mass.

  5. Searching keywords on the internet can help the companies in finding out what the customers have searched the most on the internet regarding the brand or products or its services; this will help the companies to know and gather more info.

  6. Google Analytics is a very good way of collecting and analysing consumer data through statistical representations and demographic aspects as well.

  7. Analysing the competitors business will help the business to gather insights about why customers are buying alternative products from other brands and not your company.

  8. Reading Blog comments and being active with the customers by responding and helping can help the business to gain a lot of knowledge from the consumers themselves.

  9. Understanding government data can help the business to understand an audience or a group of social masses which can be targeted according to their needs or desires.

  10. Social media one of the most prominent modes of information on earth these days, and to study social media is to examine consumers directly as all their lives are being shown and reflected, and it is by far the best ways of understanding what the consumers really want.

B. Consumer Segmentation Research

Image depicting Consumer Segmentation Research

Segmentation, in simple words, means to separate or differentiate.

Now, in consumer segmentation; we are dividing consumers into target groups for potential marketing.

Marketing research analysts simplify their efforts by dividing the consumers into separate groups for maintaining efficiency.

The businesses maintain their efficiency by focusing on those groups which have better potential and are favourable to the interests of the business and its goals.

There are over 1.5billion hungry consumers in the market right now, selecting and serving them to you is a very complicated task, Tophawks will provide you with the best results by analysing and selecting consumer groups according to your favourability, keeping your goals and aim of business profitability in mind.

We at Tophawks select the target segments and serve you the most appropriate appeal to target them by your valuable efforts.

C. Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Image depicting Customer Satisfaction Surveys

According to research, it has been proved that consumers do not complain when they are dissatisfied with the company’s products or services.

They will merely say ’pathetic!’ and will never look back to the same product or even the same company again.

This means that there is a 1/10 chance that you will ever get to know what your mistakes is, as a company.

The chance to make up for that mistake to the customer and still maintain relations with the same customer is very low.

The solution to this problem is fundamental and ethical, survey the customer in the form of a questionnaire or verbally ask them, ‘Sir, How did you find our service?’.

By this, you will get to know how they feel about you as a company, your products or your services, and accordingly, it is on you to satisfy them in every possible way and affirm more business from the same consumer and secure your future profits.

Our customer satisfaction surveys will help you reach out to your potential customers and maintain a professional relationship with them, and will provide you with notifications to keep up with the client’s expectations, deadlines and objectives and all of these measures will ascertain you the value of a business company and the business growth is positive.

D. Product test services

Image depicting Product test services

Success these days have become more than just keeping up with time or keeping a grip on what the competition is achieving.

Innovation has and will always be the key to great success.

Change is important and keeping up with that change is the job of our competitors.

Our product testing services will help you stay ahead in the best of your capabilities while exploring new market segments or drifting towards a new consumer target group, Tophawks will guide you through the way and save you from trembling in the tight market alone.

Our aim at Tophawks is to help you achieve your goals by exploring and making positive changes to your business with the best possible and professional guidance.

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