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Outsourcing Sales Case Study: MOWIZE


Mowize is a comprehensive financial management tool, which helps you in realizing your personal financial goals. It is a mobile app that aims to be a financial cosmos for you, where you know what investments you are sowing and nurturing to create wealth.


The main aim of Mowize was to gain an expansive customer base for its mobile application. With 3171 existing users & gross assets worth Rs. 4,398,363,148 already listed on its domain, it partnered up with TopHawks to garner more market share, by expanding foothold in Delhi and Gurgaon and availed sales outsourcing services.


  • Hiring a program manager with dynamic experience in the BFSI sector, equipped with a perfect blend of skills, strategy & innovation, to lead the market penetration pilot.
  • A diverse team of eight people having robust sales experience in the finance sector, as well as fresh graduates from the same background, were hired.
  • Thorough, in-depth training of the FOSs on the mobile application, its usage & benefits, followed by on-field training.
  • The main strategy devised and followed was to increasingly make people realize the drawbacks of idle money& then pitch in Mowize and how its usage could bring about an increased ROI.
  • Through an attractive, target-based incentive policy & with other non-monetary benefits, the team was motivated to put in their best efforts.
  • A constant monitoring & feedback system was implemented, through a state-of-the-art app, ‘Track-n-Train’, for daily attendance & on-field tracking and compliance with the best plan.
  • Track-n-Train, through its customizable dashboards & automated report generating system, made real-time, actionable data available to all the concerned stakeholders.


  • Increased customer awareness for Mowize across locations, analyzed reports submitted to the client.
  • App downloads went from the existing 1000 numbers to 30000.
  • An adept sales team setup and transferred through BUILD, OPERATE, TRANSFER model.