POSM as BTL Promotions tool???

POSM stands for Point Of Sales Materials. POSM is basically advertising materials that are used to display brand information to the users. It is a part of BTL promotions campaign platform. There are different kinds of POSM’s used by brands to for their advertising campaigns. For example: Dummy Boxes, Posters, Shelf Branding, Dangler, Danger, Wobblers etc. These materials are used for executing advertising campaigns, exhibition and presentations. These materials attract consumer attention and promote the brand. Because of POSM appealing and informative nature, these materials are capable of stimulating purchases directly at the point of sale.

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POSM are promotion undertaken by a business organization at the area where a sale takes place. For example – A chocolate manufacturer may provide special stands to display its products in a shop.

It has become critical for the marketers to provide the right communication material to the time deficient people at the point of purchase. Point of Sales advertising materials are often considered important because they initiate impulse purchases. The other objectives for using POSM materials include increasing visibility, increasing recall, providing information, initiating query generating and emphasizing POSM intoning of the brand.

POSM are normally available at the checkouts, counters etc where the final sale is happening, where the consumer/shopper is actually paying for her purchases.