GCD BoardMarketing is a long term process focussed at satisfying the needs and wants of the customers by analysing, designing, producing and delivering products and services to the customers at a competitive price. It also aims at developing long term customer relationship by delivering superior customer values.

Every business be it big or small needs to own office space for carrying out operations and at times businesses need to open chain stores and branches in order to expand and diversify the operations. Every business needs an identity and that identity comes in the form of a brand name and brand label. Every business has to devote sufficient attention and resources towards designing a unique brand name and label. Branding gives the business a unique identity in the minds of the customers. Because of the intense competition, businesses need to leave a lasting impact on the mind of the customers.

For that, almost every business uses a GSB board to display its brand name and logo in front of the chain store or franchise stores. Through GSB boards, businesses try to create an identity for themselves in the minds of the customers. GSB boards contain the name of the brand and its logo and probably the address and contact details through which the customers can read and be sure about the business.

GSB board designing is very important for every business. Modern day businesses use technology and LED lights in order to make their GSB board unique and customer friendly. A normal printed GSB board shall work well during the day time when there is an abundance of light but the basic printed version does not work well during the night time when there is a lack of light.

Businesses devote resources for developing a perfect GSB board layout which is different from that of the competitor and perfectly describes the agenda and goals of the business. The GSB board works as an immediate identity for all the customers looking for a particular brand. For example, every person in India be it literate or illiterate identify with the Pepsi logo and that’s what modern day businesses should focus on nowadays. By creating a perfect GSB board with the perfectly designed brand name and a brand logo along with the perfect placement and layout will immensely help the business to create a lasting impact and a long term identity in the minds of the customers.

Brand recognition shall relate with maximum sales and shall eventually lead to maximisation of the profits. That’s what firms are looking for nowadays. Perfect planning shall help the firm to achieve the long term goals of profit maximisation.

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