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Does the mere thought of sitting in an interview send chills down your spine? Get to know about some interview tips.

Does the fear of the outcome leave your palms sweaty?

Thinking about what the result of the interview might be, whether you will be selected or not does take its toll over you and anyone who appears in an interview.

Of course, you can’t get over these thoughts but one thing that you can surely do is to prepare in such a way that even the interviewers are left with no choice but to hire you.

This preparation itself will give you the confidence you need and these thoughts that make you anxious will themselves vanish away.

Now you might be wondering how can this be done?

Aren’t you?

Then give a break to all your thoughts as this is what we are here for!


What do we look for in a product when we go to the market to buy it?

The most appropriate answer will be

   ” Whether it satisfies our requirements or not?”

That’s our basis for selecting or rejecting a product.

Now, relate yourself to a product and consider the interviewers you are being interviewed by as the buyers.

As a product, you must satisfy all their requirements for them to buy /hire you.

Now the question arises how will you know about what their requirements are?

These requirements vary from one job profile to another.

For example to excel in a sales interview you need good communication skills, good presentation skills, good problem-solving skills, good product demonstration skills, etc.

Depending on what job profile you are applying for you must find out the set of skills and qualities that would be required and for that you can switch to the internet and know about everything you need to know.


Do you remember what you did before appearing in your mathematics examination as a child?

You used to practice all the questions that had been covered in class by heart.

Resorting to your childhood way of practicing, you must practice the questions generally answered in an interview using good question banks.

Some questions which are job profile oriented may vary from job to job but some questions are generally asked in all kinds of interviews. For example :

   * You might be asked “why us?” by the interviewers

   * You might also be asked, “how much do you know about our organization?

A lot of such questions can be found in question banks.

You can also go in for some particular question banks which are available in the market like questions banks to excel in sales interviews, to excel in bank interviews, etc.

Make sure that you go through all these questions well to unlock the door towards your success.


When the interviewers are done interviewing you, they will give you a chance to ask whatever you wish to ask from them maybe about the company, it’s workforce, etc.

Many times candidates hesitate to ask any questions, but there’s nothing to be hesitant of.

Openly ask potential questions from the interviewers regarding whatever doubts you have.

If you ask questions, you showcase one thing for sure that you are interested in the company and the job profile you are being interviewed for and this will add a plus point to your account.

Furthermore, it also displays your inquisitiveness which shows your eagerness to know something.

While asking questions do remember that you only ask meaningful questions, do not blurt out silly questions.

Be mindful of what you are asking. You can pre-plan some questions you would like to ask.

For example:

   *  What qualities do you find in most of your employees?

   * How big your workforce is? Etc.

So, ask questions but beware to ask only the meaningful ones.


A good personality has adaptability as it’s the main ingredient.

Every company wants individuals who are adaptable and can mold themselves per the environment and conditions of the company.

While being interviewed, you must demonstrate that you have an adaptable personality and you don’t have any rigidity issues.

This trait itself will make a very positive image of yours in the eyes of the interviewers.

So focus on building an adaptable attitude which will be the basis of your ability to learn new things with willingness.

Remember, learning the new and transforming the old are the footsteps of growth.

When you learn, you grow, you rise, and with your growth and rising, the company grows as well.

Thus, always be a learner in your life.


In this modern world where techniques and trends have a wide wingspan through which they keep on changing with a blink of the eye, you need to keep yourselves updated regarding all the latest trends in the market to be successful in your professional life.

You must match strides with this fast-paced modern world evolving and changing constantly to bring out the best in yourself.

      For this, you can switch to regular journals in your field of interest in which you are seeking a job and appearing for an interview.

Nowadays, many online Instagram and Facebook pages are available which can help you with this.

The Internet is a hub of the latest vital information in every sphere you can imagine.

So make the most out of this technology and gain as much knowledge as you can, stay updated and you will climb the ladder of success.


The first thing people and in our case interviewers will notice about you is how do you look?

Do you look shabby or do you look well-groomed?

Your clothes and the way you have groomed yourself speak very loudly about you.

Poor grooming brings negative points to your account.

Interviews should be attended wearing properly ironed, formal clothes with colors that are not too bright for the eyes.

Apart from clothes, you should look neat and tidy.

A person who looks neat and tidy has a unique charm element about himself that attracts everyone’s eyes.

Not only on others your clothing and grooming have a great effect on you as well.

When you dress up well, you feel good and you radiate joy and confidence.

Your body also releases happy hormones that make you feel better.

So, never underestimate the way you look.!


Punctuality and professionalism both are terms we are all familiar with. Punctuality is an asset that distinguishes a person from others.

Both punctuality and professionalism go side by side.

A good professional is always punctual and never gets late, making others wait for him.

Be punctual on the day of your interview as it shows to the interviewer how much you respect them as well as your profession.

It improves their perception of you.

Further talking about professionalism, whenever you answer a question, answer in a very professional manner.

Try not to discuss anything personal, as the people interviewing you are not interested in your personal life, they are there as professionals and professional behavior is what is expected of you.

So make punctuality your habit and refrain from being too personal in your answers.


Conduct a good level of research regarding the company and the job profile you have applied for.

The interviewers will be testing you at times on how much do you know about their company?

This test determines the level of your interest in the company you are being interviewed for as well as your interest in the job profile you have applied for.

Smart candidates who get through an interview always research the company well as they know what weight does this part of the interview carry.

A company’s website is where you can get the maximum information about a company.

Know about the company’s values, clients, and missions.

Try and find out the entire history of the company, this will add extra value.

Searching about a company’s competitors in the market would also be of great importance.

The more information you can get about the company the better it is.


Wrapped in enthusiasm you should keep bubbling with energy.

Don’t hide your excitement about the job you are being interviewed for.

Your excitement, energy, and enthusiasm also show how much you are interested in the company and the job profile being offered by it.

Showing your energy doesn’t mean that you let it overflow, remember excess of everything is bad.

Let your energy flow slowly in a manner that matches the energy level of the interviewers.

Don’t look dull or half-asleep even for a second as the interviewers’ eyes are on you every second of the interview.

Act like a power booster has been injected into your body when you feel it is required to act that way.

By this, we mean that you must show variations and shifts in your energy level as per the circumstances demand.


Before even your conversation begins with the interviewers, your body language tells them a lot about you.

People make their first opinions about you based on how you conduct yourself.

So an impressive and attractive body language is necessary for everyone who wants to excel in an interview.

Somebody language tips have been mentioned below, read them carefully and practice them in your daily life as well.

   * Eye contact: Make eye contact with the interviewer whenever you are answering a question. Also, look into their eyes when they are speaking to you. This displays your confidence level.

   * Stand with your head straight: while standing and walking don’t lean sideways. Keep your head straight and look forward.

   * Sitting: Don’t sit with your arms/legs folded as this a sign of being defensive and hesitant. Further, try to keep your back straight as much as possible.

   * Handshakes: Handshakes are important. The way you hold the other person’s hand tells a lot about you. Keep your handshake firm and confident but don’t hold the interviewer’s hand too tightly.

Work on these easy body language improving tips and take a step forward towards impressing everyone with your confidence.

11. Express Optimism

“Optimism” is a word we are all familiar with which means being a source of light in the dark I.e holding on to positivity even in the most negative of the situations.

As every person wishes to be along with someone who is optimistic and has a very positive approach to life.

Similarly, companies want to hire employees who have an optimistic attitude as they know optimism stimulates happy go lucky environments.

Being optimistic also covers a key point that you should never blurt out even a single negative word in a complaining manner about your former employer or any other organization you have worked with.

Sometimes, being overexcited, candidates commit this blunder which costs them the job they have been preparing so hard for.

So, be careful and express whatever you express filtering it through a sieve of optimism.

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