Wish to be an ace in the art of negotiating?

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‘ Negotiating’ means to reach an agreement through discussion. It is always fundamentally about human interaction, and it aims to enter into a communication with others to achieve a better understanding and better agreements.

Be it work or in other fields of life, whenever we interact with a person having views different from ours and we try to conclude the topic of discussion by reaching a common conclusion acceptable to both, we are practicing the art of negotiating.

Now, we will discuss how one can excel at negotiating and achieve success in his/her endeavors.

Negotiation skills

Helpful points that can help in becoming a good negotiator :


Patience is something we all lack in this modern era of high-speed and technology.

Patience is needed in all fields of life and negotiating is no exception.

One has to excel in the art of being patient to achieve his target.

One’s being patient indicates how willing one is to stay and continue to negotiate.

Don’t rush at any cost and keep trying patiently framing ways to make the other party understand your needs as patience has its charm which has the power to influence others.

So, next time you enter any situation where there is a need for negotiating, practice the art of being patient and see for yourself how the outcome becomes different from the ones you got earlier when you were devoid of patience.

Offer a confident take it or leave it to stand but with modesty

Don’t be boastful of anything you have but yes be confident of what you have.

Confidence is a stain that never gets wiped off!

When one is confident the vibrations he sends have tremendous energy which gives the other person the impression that he has something about himself or the service he is offering that is giving him this confident look.

If the other party, single-mindedly focuses on itself only, without considering any mutual benefitting scheme, confidently tell them to take the deal or leave it according to whatever they feel like.

But remember don’t lose the touch of modesty to boastfulness at any point during the interaction.

Pre-plan a good strategy

Like it is always said a proper preparation is much more beneficial over a random presentation.

A good pre-planned strategy with key points that would strongly impact the other party will boost up your performance level in negotiating.

You will be equipped beforehand with the critical points that you will present to influence the other party.

An experienced negotiator never forgets to pre-plan his strategy to ensure success even before the beginning of the interaction.

Effective listening

In this era of high speed, everyone is in a rush to reach somewhere and fewer people are there who have the time to listen to someone.

Effective listening is a rare quality, very few people possess today.

Not only for negotiation this quality is a must in all spheres of life be it your professional life or your personal life.

So, do ensure that you master the art of listening patiently and carefully before you set yourself going.

Ensure to make eye contact with the speaker, it is the basic need for effective communication.

Be fully present, stay active but in a relaxed manner.

Although you may be trying to focus on what the speaker is saying many a time the chatter going on in your mind won’t let you do so.

With this chatter we are busy judging the speaker in several ways and sometimes criticizing whatever is being told, that’s where consciousness can help.

Stay conscious of your thoughts, if you find yourself judging, immediately shift your attention to something that you find positive in the speaker or whatever is being told, this will drag your attention back from the chatter and help you be fully present and focus.

Along with all this, asking questions is an important part of effective communication, but beware not to interrupt the speaker.

Wait for the speaker to take a pause and then you can begin with your questions and queries.

The more patient and effective of a listener you are, the more will be the chances that things will turn out to be in your favor.

Negotiate with the decision-maker

Before entering into any sort of negotiating practice be sure you are interacting with the decision making authority.

If that’s not the case a lot of your energy and time will get wasted in trying to convince someone who doesn’t have the authority to take any decision regarding what you are proposing.

So mindfully, firstly ask about the decision making authority and then carry on with him regarding your proposal.

Draft an agreement beforehand

Before everything carries an agreement containing all the key points you wish to mention along with you.

This will help you to implement and lay out the structure for the deal yourself.

Remember to keep it balanced for both sides participating in the deal so as not to ignite the other side’s reluctance. An agreement between both sides will come easy if one takes care of the other.

This also helps in establishing long time relationships that motivate the parties to do new business with each other.

Keep the momentum moving

Let the flow be there and don’t let even a speck of stillness enter.

The more time taken to close a deal, more are the chances that problems will pop up.

Be patient enough but don’t let things be still for a long time.

Stay balanced and make the other party realize the importance of utilizing only that much time that is needed.

Once the flow breaks, things need time to catch up to make sure that things keep going.

Jump into the shoes of the other person and then act accordingly

It means to look at the situation from another person’s perspective.

Perceiving the other person’s thoughts and emotions is what makes a person an ace in the art of negotiating.

If you do this you will know what to do to make the other party agree to whatever you are saying.

Thus, make sure that you perceive well and make the other party feel satisfied as well.