Change is the need of the hour.

Those who don’t change with the changing times stay at the back of the line. It’s the same case with business too.

With the ongoing foreign direct investment, the competition in the Indian market is increasing manifold. This increased competition to capture the market share has led to the firms to think out of the box and come up with unique marketing ideas to lure the customers.

One such unique idea which is recently used by many corporates with a high rate of effectiveness is paper cup marketing.

Branding is simply making the customers aware of the product and the company. It usually contains two elements, a brand name, and a brand logo. A brand name is what helps the customers identify the business from its competitors. It should be unique yet closely related to the product. A brand logo is the identity of the business and gives the added uniqueness to the product.

Just as the name suggests, Paper cup branding is the use of paper cups as a means of promoting the products by businesses. In today’s time, almost every individual drinks tea or coffee, and publishing the product on a paper cup comes across as a perfect way to market a product. Several studies conducted have shown that the majority of people remember what’s printed on the paper cup they used to drink coffee. The main aim is to make the customer aware of the brand’s existence and lure them to make impulse purchases by printing discounts and promotional offers and schemes.


The printed cups can be distributed to the tea and coffee vendors for free which will save the cost to these vendors and for a little cost, the businesses will get access to a large customer base,  So it comes across as a win-win situation for everybody. Paper cup Branding has nowadays come across as an out of the box cheap way of marketing the product and branding agencies love its cost-effective approach.

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