marketingMarketing is the process of understanding the customer needs and wants and creating superior customer relations by developing a product in order to satisfy these needs and wants.

One major tool used by the marketers in the marketing process is the market research. Marketers use it in order to study the various customer segments in order to deeply understand their needs and wants and create a product for satisfying these needs and wants .

Market research is a very important tool which is very instrumental in understanding the customer market in order to understand the market segments to determine what the customers need and then selecting the most profitable market segment and eventually develop a product in order to satisfy these needs and wants.

Marketers carry out research projects which involve the creation of  a  market research plan  and then collecting and analyzing valuable data as per the market research plan and then finally present the data for valuable interpretation.

It is the back bone of the entire marketing process without which the entire marketing effort is the fail . It is safe to say that for a successful marketing , a perfect and well structured market research is necessary.

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