Top 7 HR Recruitment Companies in India

Top HR Recruitment Companies in India

What is Recruitment?

The process of finding, attracting, interviewing, selecting, hiring, and onboarding employees is known as recruitment. These steps are followed by the HR recruitment companies. To put it another way, it includes everything from determining a staffing need to filling it. A variety of employees are responsible for recruitment, which varies according to an organization’s size. Some of the larger businesses employ entire teams of recruiters, while others employ only one recruiter.

The hiring manager may be in charge of recruiting in smaller businesses. Additionally, numerous businesses outsource recruiting to third-party companies. Advertisements, job boards, social media sites, and other methods are almost always used by businesses to find candidates for new positions. To find top candidates more quickly and effectively, many businesses use recruiting software. Regardless, recruitment typically collaborates with or is a component of HR.

What is the role of HR in a Company?

Today, HR is a crucial business partner whose performance has a significant impact on business performance.

While HR does not provide support for business functions, it does take ownership of and manage projects related to change management. HR implements policies and practices with the goal of improving employee performance, maintaining a high level of employee satisfaction, and creating a distinctive corporate culture. HR also leads and manages projects that lead to the creation of a competitive advantage.

The key role of HR in a Company

  • Build and maintain relationships with managers and employees

  • Drives employee and Performance related agendas.

  • Monitor, Analyzes and implements all regulatory changes

  • Build a friendly corporate culture and drive engagement of employees

  • Drive strategic workforce planning.

Top 7 HR Recruitment Companies in India

1. Tophawks

Logo of Tophawks Company

We are the fastest-growing HR recruitment assistance company in India. We have assisted more than 500 Blue chip and SME companies find the exact fit talent their process and company culture required. We offer staffing, payroll processing, recruitment, and learning and assessment services. All our processes are thoroughly tech-enabled. Our AI/ML-powered Dashboard makes sure you are always on top of your recruitment game.

2. Innovsource Services Pvt Ltd

Logo of innov company

It ranks among India’s top HR firms It offers solutions for staffing and hiring. In 2004, the leading staffing outsourcing company was founded. The company is providing its customers with a wide range of staffing services. The corporate headquarters of the company can be found in Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, and other cities. You can gain access to additional information about the company, including details about the number of employees, turnover, and decision-makers, with paid Fundoodata plans.

3. ManpowerGroup Services India Pvt Ltd

logo of manpowergroup company

In 1948, ManpowerGroup was established. It is a multinational human resource consulting firm with headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the United States of America. Manpower provides workforce consulting, career management, outsourcing, recruitment and assessment, and training and development. You can gain access to additional information about the company, including details about the number of employees, turnover, and decision-makers, on their website.

4. Randstad India Pvt Ltd

Logo of Randstad company

One of India’s best HR consulting firms is Randstad India Ltd. India’s Chennai serves as its capital. With its headquarters in Diemen, Netherlands, Randstad is a multinational human resource consulting firm from the Netherlands. It was previously known as Ma Foi Management Consultants.

5. TeamLease Services Ltd

logo of teamlease company

It ranks among India’s top HR firms. In 2002, it was established. The most prominent HR company in India, Team Lease Services Pvt Ltd, offers a wide range of services, such as staffing, payroll processing, recruitment, and learning and assessment.

6. Sutra HR

Key People: 1) Waqar Azmi, Founder, SutraHR

‍Founded: 2008

‍Headquarters: Mumbai

‍Annual Revenue: $8.6M(according to online sources)

One of India’s best HR firms is Sutra HR. They are pioneers in the hiring of startups and have served over 500 clients since their founding. They know how important it is to hire the right people to grow your business. With a 24-hour TAT, Sutra HR has dedicated teams working on Tech, Non-Tech, Bulk, and Product requirements. They have customers in Malaysia, Singapore, the Middle East, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom, as well as throughout India. They close a position every 12 hours thanks to their extensive database and experienced team of recruiters.

7. IKYA Human Capital

Key People:

‍1) Ajit Issac, CEO, IKYA Human Capital

‍2) Subrata Nag, CFO, IKYA Human Capital

‍Founded: 2004

‍Headquarters: Bangalore

‍Annual Revenue: ~INR 990 Cr(as of March 2013)

logo of ikya company

IKYA is a well-known company that provides integrated HR solutions to over 500 businesses in a variety of industries. Magna InfoTech, a Hyderabad-based IT staffing company, was acquired by IKYA in 2011 for 100 crore rupees. However, Thomas Cook acquires IKYA at the beginning of 2013 and received over $9 million in cash flow from IKYA.IKYA provides executive search, staffing solutions, recruitment solutions, skill development, the recruitment process, outsourcing, and managed services as business services.


Through this article, you will get to know all the important details about HR Recruitment and the Top 7 HR Recruitment Companies in India.

Hopefully, the above information will be beneficial for everyone. Thank you!

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