Gig Economy: The way to go in a post covid world

Gig Economy: The way to go in a post covid world

In this article, we will talk about the Gig economy. The gig economy is the need of today’s world now. We will also tell you about the Gig economy in Covid and post covid world. There will be certain ups and downs in the economy after Covid-19. Let us first begin this article with an introduction to the Gig economy.

Gig Economy

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Gig Economy


A gig economy is an economy in which people work for a short time or temporarily. It is not like the traditional economy in which a company hires employees for a permanent period.  In this Gig economy, companies hire employees for a short time only. The gig economy enables people to work online. Many countries like the US, Europe, the UK, India, and many more are adopting this Gig economy. 

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Gig workers


In this economy, gig workers earn money on a project basis. The projects can be individual tasks, assignments, or anything. It offers the comfort of working from home as well as more choices of work. People can do multiple jobs together to earn more money.

Companies hire employees for a specific project. This gig offers freedom and flexibility in working. It is economical for employers. This is because they have to pay only for the work done. This is most suitable for companies that cannot afford full-time employees.

Benefits of Gig economy

1.Benefits to employees

  • It gives employees the freedom to work what they choose. They are free to work however they wish.

  • People will find a lot of jobs in the gig economy. They will even collaborate for a multinational corporation.

  • The workers get time to brush up on their skills.

  • It reduces the travel cost as well as the energy of traveling of employees.

  • It allows employees to work from home with full comfort.

  • It also helps retired employees to form after their retirement. Instead of sitting idle at home, they can work from home.

2.Benefits to employers

  • Companies may employ employees for a short amount of time rather than recruiting them for a permanent position.

  • The employer gets a wide range of talented people.

  • The companies that cannot afford full-time workers can hire these gig workers in the gig economy.

  • The efficiency and productivity of a gig woke are more than a normal worker. It will help the company to achieve the goal quickly.

  • The employers also save their resources cost. Resources like office, training, furniture, etc.

  • Employers can get access to experts and skilled people at a lower cost.

Gig Economy Post Covid

As you all know, that Covid pandemic hits the economy badly. Many people lose their jobs and don’t have any living source. Their skills and experience are good for nothing. This is because they don’t have jobs to utilize it. People are sitting idle at home and are jobless.

The traditional economy is not able to provide a living to such people. The companies are also working at a loss. They cannot provide jobs to everyone. Even it is difficult for them to pay the salary of current employees. This is when the gig companies come to the rescue.

The benefit of Gig economy for employees after Covid:

Flexible work options in the gig workforce

The Gig economy helps employees to work from home, even for a short period. They can at least earn living from that particular project. They at least have work to do to utilize their skills.

This is not only beneficial for skilled people, but unskilled people are also getting benefits from it. Due to covid people are shopping online. They can get the job of delivery man which help them to earn money.

The benefit of Gig economy for employers after Covid:

Gig worker delivering packages on a bike

The companies are working at a loss during and maybe after Covid as well. They aren’t earning enough to bear companies’ expenses as well as the costs. But they cannot fire employees, because they need employees to achieve the company’s goal.

Here, instead of hiring full-time employees, they can hire gig employees. They will work at the same cost but up to a limited time only. You have to pay them only if they are working. You will also get access to many talented workers. You can contact them online and get the benefit of their expertise.


So, this is all about the Gig economy. The economy is changing rapidly, especially after this Covid pandemic. People have to adapt to these changes as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will lack behind in this economy. They cannot utilize their skills and knowledge properly.

The companies can also take advantage of this Gig economy. They can get a skilled workforce at a lower cost. They can get the flexibility in working. They don’t need to spend on infrastructure more.

This option is best for small business owners or MSMEs. They can get access to experts at a lower cost. They can afford workers under their budget.

After this Covid pandemic, the Gig economy changes a lot. People are staying at home, and they want to work and earn money. The gig economy is the best choice for them. Also, many people become unemployed; this Gig economy is hope for such people.


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