Unveiling the Secrets of Mystery Shopping: Everything You Need to Know

Mystery shopper evaluating customer service at a retail store
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Why is Mystery Shopping needed?

The process of marketing is a long-term process that revolves around making the customers aware of the product or service and persuading them to buy that particular product or service. It is done through building trust and maintaining long-term customer relationships built on the foundation of delivering superior customer values in terms of the quality of product or service, the after-sales services, promotional activities, etc.

But there are instances when the business needs to access and verify the fact that they are delivering superior customer values. There might be cases when the firm thinks that it is devoting sufficient resources towards customer satisfaction but the desired result cannot be achieved. So in such a case, the firm needs to undertake an analysis to see and examine the reason behind the mismatch. Here comes the role of Mystery shoppers and shopping.

What is Mystery Shopping?

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Mystery Shopping is a tool that helps, companies to measure the quality of their customer experience or to get specific information about products and services.

Many companies standardize specific parameters to ensure that the customer has a good experience at their sales location. To check whether the set parameters are being followed or not.

To ensure that quality service is provided to the customers, companies hire the mystery shopping companies which search for customers who match the target market.

What does a Mystery Shopper do?

As the name suggests, a mystery shopper is someone who visits the business without the knowledge of the business and examines all the facilities offered by the business such as its sales force efficiency, the convenience, attitude of the workforce, etc.

A questionnaire is provided to the customers containing questions about the service being offered by the organization. The report thereby prepared helps the organization with ensuring that the customers are satisfied because it is the customers that make the business.

Benefits of being a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers are usually freelancers or people who do this for extra earnings and are paid a fee to conduct each mystery audit. If the audit involves purchasing or consuming anything – the mystery shoppers are usually provided a full or partial reimbursement of the money they spend as well.

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