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Have you ever noticed a customer who visits the shop just to inspect it? Have you ever entered the shop just to review it? Have you ever heard the word mystery shopper? This unique practice comes under the mystery shopping where a person visits the particular shop to get a lucid review over it.

Mystery shopping has evolved as the most pragmatic way of extemporizing the performance.

We name the person who has reviewed the shop based on his experiences as a Mystery shopper.

What do we mean by a Mystery Shopper?

Mystery shopper evaluating customer service

Mystery Shopper is the person who acts as a normal customer but investigates every notion of your service, this can include customer service, product selection, cleanliness, etc.

Mystery shoppers make an impact in their local communities by helping stores, restaurants, and banks become better places for consumers like you to visit. Mystery shopping drives real improvement for future customers in areas such as management, better customer satisfaction, and the amusing environment.

Why do we need a Mystery Shopper?

Mystery shopper observing store layoutHaving a lucid idea over what do we mean by a mystery shopper, let us think about why do we need them?

Every company ensures a set of missions with well-designed strategies to attract their customers. They focus on varied principles to attract customers with good experience in the sales experience.

How do we know what a customer feels about your company? How does your company deal with the customer? How can your principles make an effect on their mindset? What strategies do you need to follow to improve your results?

To answer all these questions, we need an anonymous person who visits our company and validates every service regarding it and ends up his job by submitting a keen report over his experience. We name the man as the mystery
shopper and the service he offered is termed as the mystery shopping.

The main objective of a mystery shopper is to validate the services of a company and reveal their experiences to it.

Mystery Shoppers tasks include :

  • Guidelines on what to buy as part of the assessment (normally quite flexible)

  • A list of questions to ask in store

  • What photographs to take

  • Details of things to watch out for and to take a mental note of (e.g. cleanliness, customer service, sales management, etc..)

  • Write a report focusing on their services and your experiences.

Mystery Shoppers assists in :


  • Enhance the quality of service

    Any business wants to be known for an outstanding level of services offered to its customers, and many companies spend considerable time and money training employees to provide excellent customer care and support. Above all customers are the key to succeed in any business.

    This does not guarantee that all employees provide the level of helpfulness and assistance that they were hired to provide, though. A secret shopping service can uncover exactly what sort of service customers get even when there is no supervision of higher employees. This can be validated with anonymous shoppers.

  • Improve your business Strategies

    Most business owners are busy working over their products, and keeping track of everything is difficult. These Mystery shopping services offer owners an additional set of useful, impartial information that can be used in management decisions and changes need to be made for their success.

  • Enrich your company image and know about Inventory Audits

    Secret shoppers not only come into the store to see how company employees provide service in person but also some company & audits can phone or email business at various times of the day to determine how good telephone and computer service is. If customers are kept waiting on the telephone or emails are ignored, a company & reputation may suffer. Performance audits reveal these problems so that business owners can take appropriate action. This service adds up value to your brand.

    There are many other ways through which mystery shopping aids business owners in improving their business tactics. There are many mystery shopping companies in India. This mystery shoppers are mostly the students, who conduct the Quality Analytics and make money over their service. This part-time job can comfort in exploring different company brands and make your money from it.

Make money with Mystery Shopping

A mystery shopping assignment involves independent normal dwellers presenting themselves as “shoppers”. They are paid to visit their local brands as a regular customer would, and report back on various aspects of their experience.

In return for the work, the mystery shoppers will receive a shopper payment and/or a reimbursement for free purchases or meals.

If you are a spendthrift who loves shopping, it is best to work as the mystery shopper and earn your money for what you do. Above all, there are lots of mystery shops available and they are really in need of more mystery shoppers.

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