Sales guidelines for In-store sales executives

In-Store Sales

In today’s times, there is almost no bit of knowledge which is unknown to a consumer.

It is not essential whether the in-store sales executives have provided them with everything they should know about the product; every single detail is available in the palm of your hands through the mode of technology.

Technology has taken over our lives, and we need it through every thick and thin of everyday hustle.

A smartphone is a compelling piece of technology which connects us with the world and makes our lives as easy as shopping while sitting at home, all cuddled up in a blanket.

 It is a tool!

In the definition of science, anything that makes life easy is a tool.

E-commerce has been a revolution in the shopping industry; online stores and online shopping services have completely shifted the way people shop, they no more have to go to the stores to buy any product necessarily, just a few taps away from purchasing the product, that’s all!

E-commerce is successful because it is practical; it is convenient for the customers, and there is a sea of options to choose from, that too from different brands, so price comparison is no more an issue.

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Every little piece of information; be it features, pricing, technological guidelines or retailing services information etc. is being provided on the product box itself.

Not all consumers prefer online shopping always; some believe that buying products from stores provide guarantee and satisfaction.

The brand stores never take the guarantee of an online brought product, it is the online service’s guarantee policies; but the store executives never give any guarantee on online brought products.

What people don’t understand is that the prices may be less online when compared to the brand stores, but the guarantee and authenticity of the product is never guaranteed.

The realization of this fact has a positive outcome towards more in-store shopping and considering the situation of the market; the In-store sales executives have to be perfectly groomed to manage their customers.

The in-store sales executives are always chosen correctly because they are the face of the brand when it comes to dealing with the customers.

With time, there have to be changes made in their approach because the customer is not bound to buy the product from their store, the executive has to build relations with them, convince them and satisfy them so that they happily buy products and future business is ensured as well.

The five most important principles to bring success and profitability on the part of the in-store sales executive while conversing with the customers are as follows:


Striking a conversation with the customer is significant.

The customer needs to feel comfortable with the executive before he keeps his demands in front of them.

 One can always open by saying, “Greetings Sir!”, “How may I help you?”, “Will you care for a glass of water?” etc.

The Executive at this stage has to build a communication with the customer that he/she is there to do the best to help them out with their wants.

A smiling face is an add-on to let the customer know that he/she is welcomed in their store and welcomed to ask for anything they want.


This is the next step towards the customer where the executive has to understand what the customer really requires and what are his needs.

In order to do this, the executive has to ask the customer the right set of questions like, “what is the nature of use, sir?”, “what features are you really looking for?” etc.

The sales executive needs to be very forbearing with the customer and actively listen to all what the customer has to say about his requirements.

It is not necessary that the customer is very good at explaining his wants, that’s when the sales executive is tested with his skills and knowledge.

Doing this adds value to the buying decision made by the customer because this is what will make him feel welcomed and important.

Point to be noted; the tone of the conversation is a significant add-on to the value of the brand.

The correct tone will definitely put an impact on the buying decision of the customer.


After listening and understanding what the customer really needs, the next step is to recommend.

The sales executive has to present appropriate recommendations to the customers with proper justification as to why this product fits your needs.

In simple terms, the sales executive is presenting recommendations and convincing the customer as to why this recommendation perfectly matches the requirements of the customer as he explained in the previous step.


In this step, the sales executive strengthens his relations with the customer and builds his credibility on the recommendations made.

This is fairly done by different methods like, showing a demo of the products, sharing background data about the product, reviews by other customers on the product etc.

The primary objective of this step is to make the customer visualize the product as what he really wants and further convince him to buy it.


This is the last step of the deal where the sales executive informs the customers about the offers and discounts on the product if any.

The sales executive has to ask questions like, “What will be the best time and date for delivery?”, “What color of the product would you prefer?” or “What will be the mode of payment?” etc.

This step has to be in the same manner as the previous ones and satisfying the customer is of major importance, this will ensure future sales and recommendations to other people as well.

The deal should be closed with smiles on both the faces, the executives’ and the customers’.

These five principles used by in-store sales executives have proven to be a success, and it ensures high rates of customer satisfaction and the probability of future sales with the same customers.

Implementing these five principles in the sales process can effectively benefit the sales of a store and grooming of an executive.