A Promoter’s key to an in-store progressive ecosystem

In-store promoter assisting a customer with product selection

The in-store promoters  are the ones who are responsible for attracting new customers for the company to reach its sales targets in time. He is a very important employee for the brand because he is directly in communication with the customers and is responsible for creating an impact on them about the brand and its products. It is very wrongful to say that the only job of a promoter is to attract new customers and make sales numbers for the company to count profits, NO! There are a lot of other activities which are driven by a promoter, and one of the essential ones is to ‘Create a Progressive Eco-System’. A promoter’s primary duty is to create complex and interconnected networks between the brand and the customers and maintain that so-called, eco-system to keep things going in a positive direction.

Now, to create a progressive eco-system, in-store promoters have to keep in mind specific objectives and functionalities which acts as parameters to creating an eco-system. Let’s learn about what these parameters are:

Promoter creating engaging interactions with customers


  • It is the foremost duty of a promoter to inform the respective authority regarding any change in functionality which affects the stakeholders in any form.

  • The POSM (Buntings/Streamers, Leaflets & Leaflets Dispenser Dummy Pack, Posters, Dangler, Shelf Talker, Shelf Branding etc.) needs to be taken care of on a regular basis which involves condition and placements.

  • The promoter has to check the demo devices placed on counters for their condition and content which is being played on it.


  • The in-store promoters are responsible for checking and replacing faulty fixtures in the store and up-keep the condition of furniture and equipment as well.


  • One of the promoter’s crucial duties is to keep check of the stock available in the store for all category of products and demand for less or finished commodities from the respective authorities.


  • Keeping the customers and shareholders well informed about any offers or seasonal discounts or procedures via e-mail, notifications or messages is another one of the promoter’s tasks, and he should regularly update the customers for more store-visits.


  • A promoter should be in good terms with the store manager and other employees working in the store. Any misconduct or barrier in relations may affect the overall environment and eco-system of the store which is not acceptable.

  • In case there are issues on both professional and personal terms, the promoter should go to the concerned authorities for remedies and patch-up.


  • Marking attendance is the first and foremost thing to be done when a promoter enters the store. Signing in ad signing out is a basic decorum that has to be followed based on the guidelines set by the brand.

  • The day sales report has to be submitted and reported to the store manager before the store’s closing timings.

  • Stock management is a very important aspect and every day the number of stocks has to be reported to the store manager for any replenishments and reimbursements.

These are some basic ethics that are to be followed by the promoters and making a check-list based on the above points would be an ethical way to process things in the store. Not just this, a sales promoter is responsible for expanding the visibility radius of the brand and promoting the brand towards limelight and popularity. The sales strategies that are devised by the promoter should be carefully thought of and developed in such a frame that it can be implemented in a practical form as well to spread the business which is very essential for profitability. It is not important that all of these functions are taken care of, by the promoter only; he is abled by the store manager to recruit his own sales team who can assist him in reaching his target goals and bring profit for the company. The customers should be well informed and notified about the brand and the products that it sells, reaching out customers and convincing them to invest in their brand is a tough job which requires skills and knowledge, a suitable promoter has it all and is responsible for reaching out to potential customers.


In-store promotion display showcasing featured products

These are also tasks which have to be performed by a promoter and his sales team, all of them working together for a common target brings success and profit to the business. The in-store promoters are the sole representative of the brand in front of the customer, a brand’s face and this is a big responsibility in itself to keep up with that duty.

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