How can sales outsourcing for FMCG brands help improve their topline growth?

In this article, we will tell you about FMCG companies’ outsourcing efficiencies. We will explain why outsourcing is beneficial for these FMCG brands. Let us begin this article now.

FMCG brand sales performance enhancement through outsourcing

FMCG stands for Fast Moving Consumer Goods. These are normal or necessity goods, sold at reasonably low prices. These are perishable and not long-lasting goods. FMCG goods are popular among consumers. As these goods fulfill the necessities of people. Some famous FMCG companies are Hindustan Unilever, Emami, Parle agro, ITC, and many more.

Outsourcing means hiring external companies for your work. You can delegate some of your work to the outsourcer to reduce your burden. It reduces your burden and provides expert guidance. Sales outsourcing means hiring an outsourcer specifically for handling the sales department. You can transfer all your orders to them, and they have to complete the orders. They provide you with the best salesperson to sell your product. They also assist in increasing your sales. They can develop effective marketing strategies for better sales. The outsourcer targets untapped markets to gain new opportunities. They give you helpful data-driven insights with the help of their expertise.

Overall, sales outsourcing is beneficial for almost every industry. Now, we will learn why FMCG companies should adopt sales outsourcing.

Sales outsourcing for FMCG companies

As we see till now, sales outsourcing is helpful for any company. But how these are beneficial for FMCG companies, following are some reasons for this-

1. Focus on core activities

The first benefit of sales outsourcing is it reduces the burden. It allows companies to focus on core activities like production, operation, planning. You can delegate your entire sales work to them. A load of employees also reduces up to some extent. It allows them to devote more time to other activities.

2. Expert guidance

There is very high competition among FMCG companies. Everyone wants to increase their sales and revenue. It is costly to hire an individual expert for every problem. So, you can outsource your sales. It will provide you expert guidance at a reasonable rate. These experts give you the best advice to leverage your sales to another level.

3. Grab new markets and opportunities

As a company, you have to take care of every department. Due to this hustle, FMCG companies miss many opportunities. When you outsource your sales, you get the advantage of their expertise. They know how to grab market opportunities. They try to increase your market reach by selling products in markets you haven’t reached yet. This increases your customer community and hence revenue.

4. Training and development

Many outsourcing companies also provide training to the salesperson of the company. They guide and train them for better results. They organize various training programs to develop their sales skills.

5. Helps in developing marketing strategies

For any FMCG company, it is important to promote their product. Promotion helps their product information reach consumers. For this, they need an effective marketing and promotional strategy. Outsourcing companies help you with that too. They analyze your product and market. Then they suggest the most suitable marketing channel. The more customers know about your product, the more they purchase that product. Indirectly, a perfect marketing strategy will enhance your sales.

Tips for choosing a sales outsourcing company

Sales outsourcing strategies for FMCG brands

  1. Firstly, tell them about the needs and goals of your company. Then verify whether the outsourcer is suitable to help you in achieving these goals or not.

  2. Check the experience and reliability of the outsourcing company. You can ask for their references and work samples too. This will help you in getting more information about them.

  3. You should also make sure that they have proper communication channels or not. It means in case of any emergency, can you contact them or not. If you want updates, how are they providing you the updates. Check all these things also.

  4. Pricing is also a major factor in choosing an outsourcing company. Make sure their services are not over-priced.

  5. Also, check the level of flexibility of the vendor. They should be flexible enough to understand your problems and concerns.

  6. Ensure that they have a properly trained workforce and resources.

  7. You should compare many outsourcers. Don’t just go for any outsourcer. Compares several, then chooses the most suitable one.

  8. Also, after choosing an outsourcer, don’t become carefree. You should review and check their work regularly. Monitor their work to make sure they are working toward achieving your goals or not.

Why do you need a perfect outsourcing strategy?

After finding a sales outsourcing company, you have to make a strategy. It includes which and how much of any activity you want to delegate. How much information you are willing to give to them. This is because there is a risk of leaking the company’s sensitive information. How will you keep track of their work? You need to answer all these questions and then assign work to the outsourcing company. It will help you in achieving your goals easily. A lack of a perfect outsourcing strategy can lead to the failure of your company. So to avoid this failure design a
proper strategy.


For any FMCG company, it is beneficial to outsource their sales. They will help you to topline the growth of your product. They handle several clients and know the customer’s behavior as well. They know how to grab customer’s attention. That is why FMCG companies should hire outsourcing companies. They help you to increase your profit margin with the help of cost efficiencies. Outsourcing has been a core practice for the FMCG industry. Companies must remain competitive in today’s global marketplace. It offers several advantages to any FMCG company. Advantages like specialization, focus on core activities, reduces investment cost, and many more.

I hope this article is worth reading and beneficial for you all.

Thank you.


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