SalesForce Automation in the Indian Market

Illustration of sales team using automation tools to streamline processes

Before addressing the elephant in the room, lets at first try to understand the meaning of sales force automation. It is an integrated application of customizable customer relationship management (CRM) tools that automate and streamline sales inventory, leads, forecasting, performance, and analysis. SalesForce Automation tools include Web-based (hosted CRM) and in-house systems.

Sales Force Automation is also known as the sales force management system.

The SFA systems are built on the two important components. At first, the content management system which tracks customers, activities, forecasting, contacts, communication/sales history, and analytics. Secondly, Sales lead tracking system that tracks lead and opportunity pipeline data.

The Indian market is known for its diversified customer base and industries. Being a developing economy, India is trying its level best to keep up with the ongoing global revolutions. But sales force automation as a concept is pretty much new in the Indian economy with very few little players in the market. Though some of them are free others perform the service in exchange for a service fee.

The top players in the sales force automation sector are:

Mobile app for on-the-go sales force automation

B-square SFA Software is a sales force automation software system that encourages the entire sales cycle of the business by accelerating the arms of the personnel. It has proven to be one of the best SFA solutions for business in India.

Sales representative using CRM software for customer management

Trackolap, a solution to the problem when a CRM system is not enough, and ERP is too much. Trackolap is the answer. The software helps the companies to put their customers at the center of the business. This Software works well and helps in saving time efficiently thus giving the much-needed cost advantage.

Integration of automation tools with existing systems

Salesbabu is one of the few sales force automation software which originated in India. CRM software SalesBabu is working as one of the best CRM software with an on-demand Sales Force Automation Tool. This web-based CRM Software helps the business to automate and to streamline the complete sales process.

Sales team collaborating and sharing data using automation technology

Himalayan SFA, named after the famous Himalaya’s, the Indian crown: The Himalayan Sales Force Automation Software classifies itself as a dynamic method of using software to systematize business tasks of sales, such as order information sharing, processing, control, contact management, inventory monitoring, order tracking.

Aim of SFA in business

SFA is a part of a company’s CRM system which records all the stages in a sales process. The main objective of SFA is to track all the contacts made with a customer at all the stages of a sales process and it allows to get follow up if needed. It includes phone calls, emails, and meetings. Having all this information reduces the risk of irritating customers and reduces sales efforts. In the Indian economy where there are a large number of players, SFM works as a boon eventually giving the much needed competitive advantage to firms by simplifying the process and saving costs for the business.

Tophawks in SalesForce Automation

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